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why i like her?

i see her as a kindred soul- in some senses i know what she must have gone thru

she was seen as a bad wicked salacious woman, a fallen woman because she was a divorcee, so much so her husband refused her access to her child- she was not accepted into "polite society"...only a sensual plaything for the rich who enjoyed her body- i see her as an intelligent her circumstances she did what she needed to do to survive...was she really a whore..or a victim of circumstance????

I get sick of the way historians have cast her in a bad light as some desparate manipulative bimbo who took up espionage to survive after her looks faded...that is so fucking untrue!

she had beauty, and brains- she was a sensual woman - i never looked at her as a whore- just a woman who had to was not like she could go to the University and get a degree and then enter the job market...we are talikng about pre 1st world war europe circa 1900s ...where in some european countries women could not even vote at that time.

just because a woman has brains and is aware of her sexual power- does it mean she is bad? so a man who is similar is seen as a mover of industry, a statesman, a stud- but a woman - a whore , harlot, slut!

i think she was not the manipulator- but manipulated by the french and germans- they knew she had the contacts so they used her...and betrayed her...

look at this- she beded some of the most influencial men in Europe at that material time- and believe me in bed , a man says a lot- lol- the things men say in bed after a good romp- so she made the best spy...her lovers would talk and all she had to do was to glean the information from them

she was just unlucky to get caught- but i must say... she was a strong woman and stood by her dignity even at the firing squad...

so much for my 2 cents worth...

ciao ciao

LeninRuntsBurrs 42F

7/24/2006 4:01 pm

honey thing madonna and see where she rose up to... hehe

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7/24/2006 7:57 pm

I found this. Hope you'll find interesting about Mata Hari.

Mata Hari (Hindu for "Eye of the rising sun")
1876 - 1917

Real name: Margaretha Gertrude Mac Leod

Although she claimed she was born in India, Mata Hari was born on August 7, 1876 in Holland, the daughter of a hat maker named Adam Zelle. From 1898 to 1904 she was married to John Rudolf Mac Leod and bore two children, one of which died mysteriously of poison in it's infancy.

During the early 1900's in the Salons of Paris, Mata Hari became a successful belly dancer, but around 1910 when her success began to flounder, she became a prostitute and a plaything for wealthy military officers in Germany and France. As such she was enlisted by both sides during WWI to spy on each other. Although her secret work was rather ineffectual, she was arrested by the French and placed in front of a firing squad on October 15, 1917.

Mata Hari's own fabrications on her childhood story, the French Secret Service believing she was the "spy of the century," and many years of rumors and exaggerations have made her life seem more mysterious than it actually may have been. Many people believe she was an innocent girl, duped into a world of sex and espionage. Whatever the case, she remains a legend and a beauty who continues to captivate the senses.

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7/24/2006 8:09 pm

Here's a link I found interesting about Mata Hari. Very in depth, and well worth the read. In Malay, matahari is the term for the sun. Literally speaking, it means “eye of dawn.”

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