just being me  

milady_de_winter 43F
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7/24/2006 10:51 pm

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7/25/2006 3:39 am

just being me

just sitting by the pc,
just having had lunch,
just feeling fullfilled after a nice tasty take away lunch,
just contemplating whether to call an FB or just drop him,
just getting wet and horny thinkng about having a frig in the washroom,
just getting worried about deadlines,
just thinking about my lover- and the good sex i will be having very very soon,
just reminding myslef that love will come at the right time and not to rush,
just thinking about someone nice and the good time i had together with him sipping Bollinger on Sunday,
just thinking about how unfair life can be at times,
just thinking why is it my life is so damm colourfull,
just getting bored of all the calls,
just wanting to have a nice man who will enjoy my comapny and note expect more than that,
just think about all the people reading this blog,
just sitting quietly and smiling to myself at work,
just enjoying life from moment to moment.....
just just just...... jeeez

just being there for a friend in need,
just being there for him when he needed to be with me,
just letting him enjoy my body,
just grinning as his cum is shot all over my face,
just giving him the bed room look as i clean the remaining traces of cum from the tip of his cock,
just being myself,
just being crazy ,
just driving like a bat out of hell as i speed on the Fed,
just being a good daughter,
just lying back and enjoying myself as my pussy is being licked,
just enjoying the fuck and forgetting his existance or even his name,
just smiling as he calls me a man eater,
just ignoring stupid annoying men on this website,

just being assertive,
just knowing what i want in life,
just putting my foot down,
just laughing when the men say i am demanding when i was firm in what i wanted,

Just being me thats all...

just a bitter sweet symphony...thats me - daughter, woman, dutiful employee, devotee, slut, whore, courtesan, lover, sexual predator, man eater, muse, heroine, bully, saviour, best friend, dominiarix, slave, slut-slave,virgin, vestal virgin, confidante....and crazy mad woman


Ciao Ciao

rm_2spunkE 40M
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7/25/2006 3:03 am

your last 3 lines,
the bitter sweet symphony,
a man's dream come true!
you're gonna make him complete,
cuzz you're a cpmplete symphony.
its worth searching for that woman,
i wish u will find someone like that,
for your ownself.
till then,life goes on!

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