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8/9/2006 3:47 am

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Emptyness is when I sit,
asking myself "OH why again?",
yet again i awake,
in some hotel room,
astride me a stranger,
naked in the flesh,
of tastes,
of men,
of lovers i have felt,

Emptyness is when i lie,
quietly on a cold matrimonial bed,
alone and with no one to hold,

Emptyness is when i awake at midnight,
with no one to brush aside my fears,
of dreams of daemons of ghosts,
of hauntings in my sleep

Emptyness is when i yet again ask asunder,
why is none there to hold me?

Emptyness is when i grasp,
a lover in the dark,
knowing it will soon past,
for he will pack and leave in the morn...

Emptyness is when i sit,
in a club or pub or in a 5 star suite,
drinking wine and living high,
amid raucous guests,
all the company and yet so alone

Emptyness is when i sit with my girl friends,
having coffee and chatting away,
while i will my time away,
thinking inside,
stirring within for less

Emptyness is when i smile,
amid the chaos in the room,
the perfect hostess with the "mostest",
yet so sad inside,

Emptyness is when i cry at nite,
so many tears,
of the many broken promises,
so much pain and hurt,

Emptyness is when i meet a friend,
and talk of issues far and gone,
in my head i think of him,
knowing that he has flown,

Emptyness is when i dropped this shell,
and asked the creator "why me?",
When i sat back and realised,
i owe the world and not the world owes me

Emptyness is about attitude,
realising that i am here now,
because of my concious choice,
realizing that i can change

Emptyness was when i dropped the ego,
of the sexual predator,
let the daemons loose,
and turned within,

In turning within,
things take perspective,
and i saw with my own eyes,
my life as it was,
and the ruination and abomination,
that i unconsiously choose to create,

In realising my path,
of self destruction,
i turned within,
i turned inside,
and lay the ghosts to sleep

In forgiving,
in letting go,
in not hurting back,
or seeking vindication,
i grew.

Emptyness was just a lesson for me,
of a path,
a lifestyle,
i seek not to tread anymore,
nevermore nevermore.

rm_bandito1711 43M
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8/9/2006 7:58 am

Good evening milady_de_winter of my discontent....

Words from the soul??? They're beautiful. *smile*

If it would help to cheer you up a bit....i would like to say that you're not alone....humans are fragile beings.....EVERYONE is suffering in their own special way....

till next time....take care

gotnonameone 48M
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8/9/2006 10:27 am

empitness is when u realised that all that had happened is due to a cause in the past,
action then reaction. just like that. it's impossible to find a point when it all started...

so dot look for it, just change the course now, t'row will be better.

Hv courage... night...

IviesBidesJuste 55M
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8/10/2006 12:07 am

You need to brighten up girl.
Don't make me fly over there and meet up with a bunch of friends to show you how good life is without worrying all the time.

mave1222 39M
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8/10/2006 9:00 pm

friendship foreva...

boydboys 52M
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8/14/2006 9:37 pm

talk 2 me

rm_SirTier 55M

9/16/2006 9:29 pm


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