blast from the past  

milady_de_winter 43F
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8/28/2006 6:54 am

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11/12/2006 5:42 am

blast from the past

today i spoke to a friend- MR X- all the way in Perth...Mr.P is doing fine and they plan a surprise visit to KL soon...;o)

Mr. P talks fondly about me...and he respects me...Yes yes Yes!!!!!

Ok enuff of that the reason for this post is because...i received an email from ARS...a guy who broke my heart earlier this eyar..he has moved on..i am cool with have i...but in his email he mentioned something that made me realise that...i am so glad we are not together anymore...he is such a fucking liar....and i remember how demanding he used to be...and he himself made the same error... all i can do is smile and thank God that it was over a long time ago..i guess we were never meant to be..and his email to me initially made me feel sad but upon a re was a revelation he was a fucking liar and he forgot the lies he told me in the past...i just wish him well and hope he is happy..after all life is too damm short to hate anyone for long...

i have decided not to write anymore about my kinship with P here...we both decided that details of our friendship is too personal and it should not be said here...

as for me..i realised that love is something precious and it will come at the right time...

it may be Mr. P may not be...but its will always be for the best

I am content

Ciao Ciao

rm_bandito1711 42M
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8/28/2006 8:19 am

Hello Milady

I'm not trying to be funny or anything......If you dont mind me does it really feel to be in love??? Please do share....*smile*

Ciao Ciao

IviesBidesJuste 55M
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8/28/2006 12:47 pm

From your post and past posts, as well as from what I hear from others in KL as well. Seems like women in general don't get much respect. I could understand why the ladies there want people to respect them better.

I can also nderstand having the love from friends. I have a few platonic friends that I treat just like family. So it's an unsaid love.


rm_cwkedwin 44M
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11/12/2006 2:40 am

Probably, he's not a liar at all but SMS (short-memory-span) because of those junkies he had all these

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