an easy sunday morning  

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8/19/2006 9:55 pm

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an easy sunday morning

its now noon..just had a spinach wrappo- yummy egg mayo and watercress....and am relaxing here...hence this post

last nite was a blast..went over to P's...had loads of evian as we talked and talked for a while...he had whisky ..i just stuck to me evian...P noticed that i have lost some weight and my skin has a glow..well it should with all the water i drink as well as the pounding i have put myself thru at the gym...P was talking about putting me thru a vigorous weight loss programme the next couple of weeks...and we talked about many things...suddenly i received a call from some AdultFriendFinder twit whom i had given out my number to a few weeks back..P took the phone from me and told the guy "..don't you dare fucking call her anymore" ... P thinks i ought to quit AdultFriendFinder ASAP...

We talked and P said to me "L, you are an absolute fucking gem and i love you"...i looked at him and i said "i love you too P" one stage i found myself crying...We hugged...and i realised that after a long time i had met a man who cared for me....and he said " L, i have fucked many women...i can easily fuck you as well...but i don't want to (fuck you) because i care for you and i respect you"...I think in his heart P knows there is no future between us.....but our friendship is pure and he cares for me...i think we are here both in some way to heal each other..i told P.."thank AdultFriendFinder"...yes thank AdultFriendFinder..coz if it was not for AdultFriendFinder we would not have maybe my reason for joining AdultFriendFinder was to meet him..and now that i have met him....i have no reason to be here anymore..

at 10.15 we both felt peckish he drove down to the quaint lil restaurant near his house...hmmm...for starters we had the greek feta salad...then we had moussaka (again)..and followed by a delectable tiramisu....and of course since P was in the mood to party we had 2 bottles of fine red wine..its a bit dry ..but P loves dry wine..less sugar..and the food tastes better with a dry palate...P proceeded to advice the chef and owner of the place to market their restaurant...all in all it was a great nite...the 2 of us singing Rugby songs, Irish songs and me singing Paul Mc Cartney's "no more lonely nites.."...ahhh such fun...we talked about british politics, malaysian politics, marketing, restaurants, rubgy....apparently P was quite a sportsman in London!...

Anyway as all good things come to an 3am I took the keys from P and drove him back...

IT ended with P asking a drunken stupor..whether i was going to take advantage of said "no P" .."I care for you but i am going home"....and we kissed... an innocent kiss...and i drove home

I feel good...

Anyway..have to go to the gonna do some stretches and perhaps later visit my friend Ms SI who owns an art gallery...i just love art gallery functions


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8/20/2006 3:22 am

Ummm, doesn't anyone in Malaysia cook at home anymore?

milady_de_winter 43F

8/21/2006 2:37 am


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