a woman i admire  

milady_de_winter 43F
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7/27/2006 8:36 am

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7/28/2006 3:27 am

a woman i admire

Eva Maria Duarte Peron nee Evita!

Ok..putting aside all the hype, i really like her..she is one woman who went thru so much in her childhood- being the illegitimate daughter of a rich landwoner- being cast aside when she was a child...she emerged to be the ..i mean THE most powerfull woman in Argentina...

Ok..now some people personate her as a common Puta...but you know what i think she did what she did to survive ..in a harsh mean male dominated world of Argentina in the 1920s and 1930s ...there was not much going for a woman who had no money or family background...i do not judge her for what she did...ok she slept her way to the top- she used her body and her looks for personal achievement- lol- at least she made a lotta men out there happy...

I have always admired Eva Peron- even as a young girl.... not because of Maddona singing "Don't cry for me Argentina" and the Andrew Llyod Webber Musical... i think Sir Webber had cast her in a bad light...

Why is it when a woman stands up for herself...when she is confident of her intellect, personality, senuality, sexuality and her very being...when she is firm enough to know what she wants in life....do people have to castigate her and make her look like a manipulative whore?

If a woman is smart and assertive- Oh..shes a bad bitch...if a woman uses her sexuality to its full potential ( don't get me wrong- i am not glorifying any form of prostitution)- then shes a whore...!

Sometimes i get fed up of the way a smart woman one with beauty and brains is made to look like a bad or negative character ...as in the case of Eva ...

No doubt she was only human...she was not perfect..and hey it was south america in the 1950s- so if she can be accused of being a dictator or corrupt or just plain nasty, then my dear readers think of this- has any politician past , present or future ever been a "nice " person or even honest....

If U were given a position of unlimited power- would you still be an honest "upright" or good person for long? how long will it take before the ego, the self, greed, avarice and self importance steps in..we are all human...

I am not defending what she did when she and Juan Peron ruled Argentina- but then - no one is perfect....another thing to think about- Juan Peron took over a country that had in itself numerous socio-economic problems- can one man make a change to system that has been ingrained for dozen of years...???

I just look up to her ambition..her drive..her force..in wanting to succeed..to spiral upwards..never letting any obstacle get in her way...in that sense i see myself

Oh she had a sense of style- i see that in myself as well too LOL

Ok enough for now

ciao ciao

lithiumrose 37F

7/28/2006 1:00 am

strange isn't it? movies about strong women are always potrayed as sex nymphets who knows no morality. Sensuality, especially in women is oppressed by men and enforced by women. Sad.

I admire her too ... even if the movie cast her in a bad light... her sleeping up to be the powerful woman. Didn't they forget the saying - Behind every man is a woman'?

IviesBidesJuste 55M
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7/28/2006 2:02 am

Must be in the wrong environment. I love smart, intellectual women that can hold their own. But Eva was in a environment that was not ready for that. Show's you how much times have changed. Then again, some places still need to change and catch up to 21st century thinking.

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