Of picking up men and..women  

milady_de_winter 43F
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6/19/2006 9:05 am

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6/21/2006 7:26 am

Of picking up men and..women


THis is cute...had a busy day at work..towards the end my gal friend called...she met an fb of mine (whom i had introed to her) and fucked him...and then she applied my flirting skills and snogged a cute guy...hmmm...good for her...she has issues and needs to heal..in a way sex never did anyone harm...)

As for me..i am not shy..i can go into a club..any club..even the notorious Beach Club in KL....and sit at the bar and have a drink...i have that confidence... I am sick of picking men up...i mean its always the same schlong..and they just want a quick fuck..Uhmm..sorry mate i don't do one niters...

I have decided to pick up women instead.....weird as it sounds...i am actually meeting sexy hot women... and if they are willing..i will into them to my male FBs..after all friends share!


I met a hot babe tonite at a pub...and decided to intro her to my master..its a pity he is not in malaysia but he called long distance at the prompt of my sms and spoke to her for a while...when he visits KL..i will arrange a meeting for them ..)

Likewise...if i met any gal on AdultFriendFinder...and decide to fuck her...i would share her with my male FBs...after all share and share alike...

I am very choosy and when i have included someone in my close circle of FBs...we are honest and true to each other..we respect each other and always use condoms...and we share...ie...we can swap other FBs or women we meet...or if we are horny enough and provided everone gets along then we have a group session...LOVELY!

Thus far i am quite content..i am fussy not desparate...and i don't beleive in getting jealous or possesive..i mean we are all here for a good time and to ease tension..etc..why fuck it up with the ugly green eyed monster?

And i do care for my FBs..i don't just treat it as a sexual relationship...we become friends later...

SO thats enough for now...i try not to be too explicit here on this blog...as one golden rule here is that Discreesion is a BIG MUST!...so even if i fuck someone here..i never reveal it...its best to stay quiet

After all still waters run deep....

Ciao Ciao

rm_Lynna84 32F
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6/20/2006 1:33 am

hmmm.. I should start my own circle of FB too.

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