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In reply to an interesting comment by Priapeo


In some ways its just about breaking ones inhibitions..setbacks we have on our own sexuality...hang to say that we have and beleif systems imposed on us by anglo saxonic guilt...

I see it as being liberation...carnal sex with lovers.. wild and untamed... purely sex...

As for the emotive some ways such sex or romping has its setbacks as well..its just passion...empty and unfulfilling

one should see things as they are...and in seeing it as it is..reality sets in..then we make choices... whether to stay in such a lifestyle or change or look for something more meaningfull..

For me..its a phase i am going through..a stage in my one sense fulfilling, in one sense healing...all in all...a change in me, my pesona, my makeup... and yes in some senses boring at times..LOL

Ciao Ciao

Priapeo 46M

7/7/2006 1:29 am

Thank you for your reply, Milady. I can see your point. Some weeks ago I had planned to write a post with this leading thought: "extreme sex is a way to sneak outside ourselves" (here I mean extreme in his broadest sense of looking for new nuances of pleasure). I then quit the plan, probably because I need more first-hand material on extreme sex. LOL But really, i believe that the historical association between art, sex and drugs is not occasional: they all can be means to force our locks and see if there might be other directions for our personality to reach for.

The books from Arsan have played an important role in my sex education (you can also find a post of mine on that, dating back to may 2005) but her style is something that always puzzled me. I mean, sex is one of the most powerful generators of emotions, but I did not see such emotions in Arsan's books. Emmanuelle looked a bit like a distracted, clinical researcher who observes the evolutions of her white guinea-pigs and notes down the results.

I hope you don't take my words as offensive, they really do not mean that. The best I can think is that Arsan wanted to depict a sort of statuesque sex, in that kind of cold Attic elegance that ancient greek art possess. What do you think of this?

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milady_de_winter 44F

7/7/2006 4:37 am


Thats some senses the character of emmanuelle is cold...but loook at it logically if she had loved every single person who she fucked..then mY God she would be an emotional wreck..its actually just about carnal sex..pure pleasure for pleasures sake...

After all this is the network for just that...sadly the boundrary between sex and love is a fine one..and sometimes we tend to cross that doing so...then we allow ourselves to get hurt...based on expectations and what not...

Such literature is about self discovery more than emotive feelings..

Drugs and other stimulants were used to make one drop ones inhibitions... as the Marquis de Sade said.."when one drops all moral, religious and social restraints the ones true nature comes out..."

As such....its a journey of find my true slef so to say...

well thats my 2 cents worth

Ciao Ciao

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