A nice man  

milady_de_winter 43F
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8/6/2006 5:45 pm

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9/18/2006 11:44 pm

A nice man

I met this man quite by accident.... actually after being dumped and ditched by the married guy who could not make up his mind last week...

He is P ..incidently the other man' initial was also "P"...both also from the same profession...both english...LOL..life is really ironic..well at least mine is..

Anyway, I spent the evening with P...nothing sexual happened..its just platonic...but we actually enjoyed each others company...we kissed and cuddled...I had a bath at his place...we talked and bonded..and i really liked that...i think i have reached a stage in my life when i actually like a man's company...his company...we did not have sex yet i feel very fulfilled..i guess i just like being with him...

we plan to go for dinner this week..i am fine with going anywhere with him...to be honest...he has immense wealth...(i seem to always attract men in positions of money and power) ..but i am quite happy just having maggi mee goreng ( fried instant noodles- to the non malaysians reading this)....I am quite fed up with fine dining...You see its not his dosh that atracts me to him...I just feel at ease with him...i feel safe with him...its not easy to explain..but i just want to be with someone i feel comfortable with..whom i know will not use me, take advantage of me or just fuck me and move on...

One lesson i learnt... its not easy to find sincere girlfriends on this site..LOL... I have just made an executive decision to cutt off a Seemingly sweet and nice girl who embarrassed me bigtime during the weekend.

I value friendships- relationships with men or women- sexual or platonic..if i consider a person my friend...then i give a 100% to that friendship...this is not a show and tell session...so the details are unimportant. I just get sick of people who like to use others..that annoys me...annoys me BIGTIME!

I don't expect much from friendship... "its not a how much did you do for me session?"..thats being calculative and friends are not calculative...but i hate it when a so call friend just cannot behave herself and worse is rude to a nice person...i mean if you hate a person's company.. then just walk out and leave... don't hang around for free drinks and order the most expensive food item on the menu...its just rotten...sheer gutter mentality..ha ha ha and she gets offended when other AdultFriendFinder ladies here hate her and call her a gold digger...

I guess a lesson i have learnt in life is....i need to be carefull when it comes to choosing friends..i have no problems with men..i actually prefer having and i do have more male friends...but women...eugggh...they always have some weird hidden agenda of sorts...i guess women are more complicated...hahahaha..i am a woman myself...pot calling kettle black...

I have my short comings as well and boy..they do show up when i am inebriated... i guess i have some apologizing to do to a kind person who has really been nice to me all this while...

Having said that..its monday morning....so its off to work now..nose to the grindstone..

Ciao Ciao

IviesBidesJuste 55M
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8/6/2006 11:31 pm

Someone once told me:

A good friend will bail you out of jail.
A true friend will be sitting next to you saying "Wasn't that fun?"

I can relate to what you're saying. Have some so called friends here as well that do the same, but mostly they just gossip a lot. But it's all bullshit. None of them know I'm even on this site. Probably a good thing. I live a somewhat private life that only a few select people get a glimpse into. What I say in my blog only scratches the surface.

I can only take a guess on just what woman you're talking about that was bad mouthing you.

Also, I wouldn't be so sure about the "immense wealth" of these guys you are talking about. You'd be really suprised just how much they "don't" make. Yes, they make a good living, but I deal with these same guys as clients.

Mainly. they are sent from companies in their home countries as expates, some do run a business there in KL. I know a few myself.

Too bad they consider themselves more married to their money, than they do their wives, because most that I have met thru friends all have boyfriends to fill in what their husbands can't give them, and thats a real person to be with.

Asian_SweetHart 45F
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8/7/2006 6:38 am

hiya milady, we've chatted a bit on the chat room. and have said hi with each other.
I know am not one of those nicer people on the chatroom, as am too honest and highly opinionated in the chatroom! that's where i get into trouble with a lot of people for being too direct with my thoughts. But thank you for greeting me recently in the room too.
Anyway, yeah, women on this website can be hurtful and embarassing to our own gender, and the same goes to the men too.
But on the other hand, I've met and made friends with both women and men from this website, and able to maintain a friendship that we didn't realise could lasts this long from the day we met many years ago.
So, in the end i guess we just have to be choosy on who we call friends.

rm_SirTier 54M

9/16/2006 9:28 pm

First an American, then a Brit. A certain fondness for whitemeat??

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