A life worth living  

milady_de_winter 44F
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7/10/2006 10:24 pm

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7/11/2006 3:56 am

A life worth living

I was amused by one of the comments i received here on my blog..one by a guy here who said i was clinically depressed and that i should get help...well au contrare i am just an emotional low right now... certain things have anoyed me and it is all happening at the same time

Last nite i chatted with a really nice guy... he was really into me when we met..but he hesitated and we did not fuck... later he admitted that he feels that i have baggage issues and that i am not ready for dating just yet...

We are still friends but he feels i have to put my past issues behind me and move on..ok so i have had really bad experiences with men in the past..but i hae forgiven them..and since healed....but the men i have met this year are reasonably nice and decent... i am the one who had the anger issues and cannot have a real relationship just yet..

Hence i need to heal myself...perhaps celibacy...hmmm...

LOL its just a thought ..or maybe i should just give up once and for all on the idea of needing a man in my life..just go with the flow and enjoy life..if i happens so be it..if not..then i have to be comfortable with just being on my own

anyway...H is still pursuing me and we shall meet again soon...


Lilith Divine

rm_harembanger 53M
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7/11/2006 1:50 am

Hi Lilith, based on my own experience don't give much fuck to the past. Just don't forget them. If you forget about your past experience, you will commit the same STUPID mistake over and over again. Most people choose to forget aboout their bitter past. For me I don't. I always flash back the nightmare once a while to constantly remind me what to look in a person and what to be aware of.

Anger issues is something else. I had it for 8 yrs after my divorce. What I did was let time heal it. LONG TIME? Yeah long to others but it feels like yesterday to me. What you really need is friend who can discuss and comfort you when you are in this situation. Not the type who will post in your blog "c'mmon baby let's fuck. My number is 0121234567." Very Immature and childish. All they care is fuck and go.

So take care and tuck those nightmare nicely for future reference.


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