mikkie215 43M
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11/4/2005 11:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Why is it that all i want to do on my day off here is go to the beach soak up some sun rays and get noticed whlie i do?I would love to be able to flirt with somone i dont care if it is male or female or a couple,that i could play with and have alot of fun with!!i guess its more of a fantasy than anything to think of being watched and approached by somone there and have them come talk to me and make an excuse to rub me down with some sunburn cream ,which is somthing that really turns me on alot!!I just wish it would happen to me iam not ugly and hope there is somone out there to share this with and cold post some pics when it does !!Does any one think like this at all or are we all just to shy?

cox1961 56M
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11/5/2005 10:30 pm

looks like you got a nice cock too uncut or cut?

LadySucksss 69F

11/6/2005 3:01 pm

Sounds like you have the need to be TOUCHED! as we all do......
maybe YOU should make the first one on someone..........

mikkie215 43M
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11/6/2005 4:26 pm

Thanks cox1961 i am cut no cover lol,thanks ladysucksss,have tryed that before with a couple of people they seem ok at first then seem to have an excuse as why they dont stay when i get hard or the heats turned up !!

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