A little confusion here on my part  

mikewv1967 49M
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5/29/2006 7:03 am
A little confusion here on my part

I had sent out a few e-mails out the other day (I said I wasn't going to, but I did anyway) in search of the allusive "Friends with Benefits" package with a sexy, great lady.

I got two back last night and I have no problem with the rejection portion and I really appreciate the fact the two of them read the blogs and TOOK the time to reply back. Kudos for that.

My confusion comes into play as both had similar things to say. We're looking for very different things....really?? As I read bios before sending something, it usually says....well, sex. If that's not wanting the same thing...I'm lost.

Just to clarify, I am NOT a player and NOT trying to score as much as possible...by any stretch of the imagination. That takes entirely too much time and energy. I just don't have it. What I would hope to find is a couple (not 10 or 20) of really sexy women friends that could play regularly...that's it!! (Still looking by the way)

I think either someone if over-analyzing the responses on my bio or reading something into what is there, that I have no clue.

During the questionnaire if it asks would you participate in a group? Well, if the full moon was aligned just to the East of Venus and it was a really attractive group and yadda, yadda, yadda...then maybe, sure. That DOESN'T mean that I am actively seeking group sex.

Come on people!!! I read women’s bios all the time, just because they fantasize about having sex with Madonna doesn't mean they are actively pursuing that...

So anyway...with that said, if you are interested in reading my bio and you come across something that indicates anything other than what I am unequivocally stating here, please be a friend and drop me a note and let me know...I'm happy to change it to reflect my true desires.


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