It's Deep Purple, 1972  

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7/30/2006 3:43 pm

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It's Deep Purple, 1972

I went to a pub quiz tonight, or, at least, I nearly did. Needless to say, Jacky the fuckwit did her very best to get lost on the incredibly long four and a half mile trip she's been doing regularly for over two and a half years. After several aborted attempts to park in a near-empty street, she finally settled for a very interesting diagonal half on and half off the pavement style.

At the rear entrance to the pub (oh sorry, hadn't you heard, we physical freaks are not normally permitted access through the front, it might scare the punters) there was a car parked right across the ramp. Fuckwit was dispatched inside to arrange for it to be moved and, much to my amazement, within a minute a very sheepish (but actually very nice looking, should have asked her on a date) woman appeared to remove the offending vehicle.

Shortly afterwards, Kath emerged from the pub to say that the quiz was off because the quizmaster was on holiday. On holiday? In July? Who'd'a thunk it? So we hung around inside, chewed the fat over a tincture or twain and went our separate ways. There was music playing in the pub, a lot of which we could identify. Shame that skill deserts us when there's a quiz. Paul wasn't there as a result of sustaining a twisted ankle on Thursday. I have little sympathy frankly because if people will choose to get around in such a ridiculous manner as stumbling around on top of spindly legs, what can they expect?

The fuckwit took 15 minutes to reverse into the parking spot when we got home. She's improving.

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