to Mikeoxbyg/phillupmcgroin! lol  

midniteryde0005 45F
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5/15/2006 7:07 am

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5/24/2006 3:55 am

to Mikeoxbyg/phillupmcgroin! lol

just two weeks left! dollbaby just two weeks!OMG OMG OMG... are you as stoked as i am???? Gawd i cant wait! Like i said on the phone, it's going to be a party!!!! we are going to have so much fun! just like the other night on cam... geeze i havent laughed that hard in a long time..... thank you so much! for that kinky card, (i saved that site)(so be expecting cards from me, too......) and all the calls that you made to me when i was under the weather...... that made me feel better! lots better!

so i have got the grouper out of the freezer and waiting on ya! lol

and when we get together we can sing that song... "we like the moon" or "i have been thinking about your axe wound" from rathergood dot com ROFLMAO... or would that be a BIG OL' negatory ghost rider!!! lol

geeze i can't wait, two weeks is way to long to wait.

ChefScottyB62 54M
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5/15/2006 12:53 pm

LOL Ty Angel....I can honestly say (and not being mushy) Ditto on what you said! I love talking to you and I really know that we are gonna have a blast together! You make my everyday we we talk or even just text! Grouper? YUM LMAO I cannot wait hon!!!! And yes 2 weeks is like an eternity! MMMMUUUUUUUAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! with tongue......OF COURSE LOL

midniteryde0005 45F

5/16/2006 8:29 am

hey mikey......please don't forget your cock ring..when you cum to visit..LOL who knows mabye we can frisbee with on cedar point beach...whooo hooo!

ok your hints are

#1. it's
#2. it's
#3. it has something to do with boston red

and that's all the hints your getting... so no soup for you!!! lol

you'll just have to wait to find out... he he he he he he he!
i am such a cuss!

ok you know where to meet me tonight...... on the phone and on cam... be there mister!!! we'll do the pogobowl

deep kisses with lots and lots of tongue of course!!! lol

your Angel, xoxoxoxoxo

midniteryde0005 45F

5/16/2006 3:58 pm

oh yea and by the way.... you get an A+ for knowing by heart..... WOW... all my reponses that wern't asked in my profile.... that is so freakin cool!

wow your such a stalker.... or wink wink ROFLMAO

LUB, your angel xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo kisses!dollbaby {=}

ChefScottyB62 54M
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5/16/2006 7:35 pm

LMAO Angel!!! Just call me stocker....cause when we meet I am gonna STOCK you with all the man you can handle!!! LOL BTW how is the grouper doing? Oh and I am bringing my cousin with me Dick Fitzwell and a friend Craven Morehead!! Until then ANGEL!!!!! MMMMMuuuuuuaaaahhhhhhh >>!

ChefScottyB62 54M
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5/17/2006 1:59 am

Hi again....your neighborhood stocker(lol) here!!! Anyway I was just thinking if you cook the grouper I will cook the wrinkledneck bass....I cannot wait as I have said before, but after our recent conversation..I know that i am gonna put something on you Mr. Clean cant get off!!!!! You so rock my world! Just ask the 8 ball LOL

Signed your Angel LuBBer!!!!!

PS: My cock ring just blew up.LOL So No cockage soup for you!!!

midniteryde0005 45F

5/17/2006 8:25 am

ok ok ok ok putting all inside jokes and subtle innuendos aside. i think that you are the most awsome person i have talked to! you are so funny. i have such a good time talking with you on the phone. that i cant wait till the next time we talk... to see what you are going to come up with next. now i am getting mushy, and you know what i think about that.(thumbs down) Lol *snort* well anyway, i just wanted to say thank you, dollbaby!

ChefScottyB62 54M
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5/17/2006 3:01 pm

Ok Angel....My serious thoghts on you!!! You no doubt, by far are the most intelligent, humourous, sexy, and BEAUTIFUL woman I have ever talked too! It is a big turn on for me when we talk, laugh and text! Ty so very, very much for being part of my life! I only know how I feel now, will be alot stronger in 8 days when we meet! The passion will set the world on fire! Cannot wait baby! YOU ARE, AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY ANGEL!!{=}

midniteryde0005 45F

5/18/2006 10:53 pm

Ok now didn't we have a blast shopping for hotel rooms last night??? lol on line.

"what page are you on?"
"I don't know, what page are you on?" roflmao!

do you know what my son said to me today?

he said if you don't ride the top thrill dragster with him, he is send you home uh-oh oh yea and you remember! please don't pat him on the head, and tell him that he's cute! lol

well i hope your visit to north carolina goes great!

vrocboomer 44M

5/19/2006 5:20 am

Grouper!!!! LOL Midnite! I'll try to catch some back in the pond for your date! (don't want you guys to go hungry) LOL.... Sorry to barge in on all your mushy talk and talk fish, but LOL couldn't help it! Back to business sorry, lol

midniteryde0005 45F

5/19/2006 6:33 am

so it goes, that us ohioans are clueless when it comes to grouper! roflmao!

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