my magic 8-ball  

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4/20/2006 9:42 pm

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my magic 8-ball

The other day, i took my son to go shopping at the local meijer store . well he informed me that we needed to get poker chips, so he can teach me texas hold em, that he had learned in school. (Go figure, we send him to a private school, and this is what he so here i am, lookin for poker chips.... when out of the corner of my eye, sits this magic 8 ball. i was like OMG, i remember those... my grandmother had one, when i was really little, whenever i would go and visit her in chicago, i would give her a quick hug, and then right to the magic 8 ball i would go.i had one as a teen-ager

Q: will Mickey ask me to skate on friday night?
A: as i see it, yes.

Q: does he like me?
A: Better not tell you now.

well Mickey and i never became an item. but oh that's a good thing, because i had heard through the grapevine, from a friend from school, that he had the WORLD SMALLEST emphasis on smallest so you see the 8 ball never

(and that last entry, does not make me a size queen ,

even in college, i had the magic 8 ball key chain,

Q: should i go to class today
A: Reply hazy, ask again later

i'll give it five minutes......

five minutes later.....


Awhhhh nuts!

so none the less, my son got his poker chips, and my magic 8 ball is sitting on my bed side since i have bought it, it has given me some answers that i like, and answers that i don't like.... but just keep asking the same question, and sooner or later it will give you the answer you's my

when lookin for an icon i found a magic eight ball navel ring that actually that's what i

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4/21/2006 10:39 am

Saw your booty call on the Findlay group and I'm sitting here holding (well, actually wildly waving) my hand up to volunteer! Now, the way I figure it you've got a passle of guys (and gals) volunteering, and this is a good thing! Now, I gotta ask myself why she'd wanna choose me? Hmmm....? Well the best I can figure, you've seen tons of handsome guys and probably more cock pix than you can count, so I thought I'd tell you my favorite joke. And if it makes you smile you're duty bound to give me a try, all right?? Good! (I saw you nodding!)

Here goes:

A young mother was bathing her 3 yr. old son, who was playing with his testicles. He asks, "Mom, are these my brains." To which she calmly replies, "No, not yet."

Lemme know how I did, ok? If you're feeling real adventuresome you can reach me at lv2playwithyou at the yahoo place. Plenty of pix and if you're bi-c, I'll bring my play-pal with me!

Hot lix in all the fun spots! ~Mike

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