MID'S AWARDS/HALL OF SHAME~ my first whole year on aff.  

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8/5/2006 7:52 am

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8/27/2006 11:13 am

MID'S AWARDS/HALL OF SHAME~ my first whole year on aff.

it is here, it is finally here! my first whole year on passion,it has been an interesting year to say the least.I'm older I'm wiser now!~~~~ so lets get on with the awards!!!!!! da da da da da da da (music)...lol!

for the most interesting testimonial:

lookinforride!!! kisses to you! i'll take a blue hummer from you anyday! lol

for the best profile pic:

darkwood, wow as i said you can cook for me anyday! such a great pic!

for the funniest night on yahoo cam:

mikeoxbyg!! too funny!

and the forgiveness award goes to:

zoopc! lester's coffee house in Bryan is goooooood! great coffee!! buzzzzz buzzzzzz buzzzzz! BUT THEN I LOOKED AT HIS BLOG, "DO I SUCK?" ABOUT ALL THE BITCHING HE HAD DONE ABOUT ME? Soooooo i'm going to have to revoke this award damn it zoo, God damn it all!

and the best mind blowing sex award goes to!!!

the 9*** series!! holy crow! wow woey wow!

and the great whodini award goes to (now you see him, and now you don't)......LOL


and the you've got my attention award goes to:

the gemi**knight, testi*thewater, crotoa, caesar****,YASK**UKNOWY


ok with an upside! comes a downside! these are the people who made my hall of shame

for standing me up! cowboyx i stayed out side until 12:00 that night waiting on your sorry ass!i got all bit up by mosquitos! thanks alot, thanks a whole lot!

for not putting your money where your mouth is all fuckin talk, but when the chips are down you cower!:


for condom issues(whaaaaaa i don't want to wear one whaaaaaaaa!


and for being a total bitch! ca ca face! geeze you have issues!


and for the man that couldent fuck himself out of a paperbag, worst sex!when he ate at the Y he basically chewed! ouch! No teeth, no teeth! wtf NO TEETH, could not wait to get out of his house! holy geeze! quit drinking dude!


rm_croatoa2 45M

8/23/2006 7:09 pm

If I gave awards you would get the "Most Intriguing," "Best Videos" and "Damn, I Gotta Have Her!"

testinthewater3 52M
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8/23/2006 7:29 pm

WOW....Im honored to have won such an award.....I would like to thank the acadamy, the members behind the scenes, the fans, but most of all the camera man that took the pictures of this absolutly beautiful creature that caught my attention. And yet somehow I find myself wondering how I can lead this camera man to the edge of the cliff and then uhmmmm....gently push him out of the picture so that I CAN HAVE HIS JOB!!!!....LOL
OK OK...thats not right....But DYYAAAMMMMMMMM tell me you havent at least THOUGHT about it!!!!....LOL

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