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12/29/2005 10:06 am

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I was surfing the net (like i always do....) and found this poem........made me sooo hot..........Hey can someone pass me a glass of water? WOW!!!!

Come touch me
silken ribbons of flesh
I offer myself to you
Do with me what you please

all of your desires
unsensored passion
wild abdonment
released upon your whim

come taste me
ripe sweet body of lust
nectar made of me
a gift to quench your thirst

liuqid luv dripping off my sex
to be savored
by the touch of your lips
the caress of your tongue

come luv me
pure undeniable longing
to have my body taken
made one with yours

possess me like no other
enter my soul
fill me with yourself
ecstacy awaits us................(sam)

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