8 NEW places to have great sex, from what cosmo says..... (MID shakes her head...lol)  

midniteryde0005 45F
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4/24/2006 8:06 pm

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5/19/2006 3:14 am

8 NEW places to have great sex, from what cosmo says..... (MID shakes her head...lol)

I was at work the other night, bored out of my skull....lol, when i picked up this magazine. in it, it had an article "8 NEW places to have great sex"....lol. Here i was shakin my head, laughing.... when everyone was asking what was funny... so i read it to them

#1 on a golf course........ need i say more..lol knowing my luck, i would get caught for indecent exposure, or public indency

#2 In Front of the fridge..... WTF... have we goten that lazy.... yea i could see it now... "YEA YEA RIGHT THERE"... "you want mayo on your turkey sandwich".

#3 A rowboat... i don't know about you, but the way i do it. that boat would be at the bottom of the lake... can you say capsize!

#4 the hood of your car..... hummm now this sounds good.. so long as your car is clean... or it's not too hot....lol. or if your ass is way too big and put a dent in the hood......lol

#5a sleeping compartment of a train... humm pretty expensive idea just to have sex.

#6 a farmer's field..... this is a good idea as long as the corn is not too tall... try getting lost in a corn field... how romantic!

#7 on a hike..... now i have done this... pretty cool.....lol

#8 on an exersise bench.....hummmmmmmm......mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....(mid is daydreaming).........mmmmmmmmmm.....lol.

then my co- workers and i were talking about the weirdest place we have had sex...... like my story... is a toss up...lol between, on a national monument, in public at night... my roommate in college caught us too.....lol and on a train bridge, that spaned between two states. so we would go out in the middle, in no mans land.(you know...jurisdictions) on this lil platform, now that i think about it it was pretty dangerous. the murkey river beneath us and a speeding freight train beside us.....lol

ok now i have shared my story...... now where is the weirdest place you have had sex?

saddletrampsk 54F

4/24/2006 9:10 pm

Against the side of a truck..on a public road at 5am..in the rain..

antone30 48M
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4/24/2006 9:14 pm

I've had sex under a road that went over a creek area in the middle of the suburbs, in the middle of the day. When we stood up to get dressed we could see into the windows of the houses that where on both sides of us.

Also I've had sex on a car hood just throw a blanket down. But this was also a 1962 Olds 88, the hood is about the size of a full bed, plenty of room to fool around.

AriseAlkydBegum 41M
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4/28/2006 12:10 pm

Hood of the car in front of a girlfriends house. (that got the heart racing thinking about her dad coming out)

Met a woman in a dance club, we got majorly horny and we went across the street to a park and made out for a while. then the panties came off the skirt went up and we fucked on a fountain in the middle of the park. It was very hot.

Golf courses are cool at night. I streaked hole #1 afterwards.

Beaches are just perfect at night. Found a nice secluded area, laid down a towel and fucked like bandits to the sound of the waves crashing in.

In general outdoor sex is great (as long as there aren't many bugs), Camping once after we had recharged from a romp in the tent. We had a pathway to the bathrooms that had lots of tall bushes all around it. We were going for a shower and the mood hit us. Clothes went flying and we fucked standing up on that pathway in the moonlight. It was very sexy

rm_racefan172 42M
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4/30/2006 12:58 pm

On picnic table behind girlfriends parents house waiting for her dad to get ready to go out to dinner for her birthday. She never did put her thong back on just wore skirt to dinner. Her dad asked why we both look so wore out don't think he would really want to know what the reason was.it was hot!

rm_Smile_My_Way 59M
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5/1/2006 7:14 pm

At the ballgame.

eugeneseven 58M

5/2/2006 3:49 am

Let's see. In an airport men's room (her request), then in the airport ladies room (her request). In a rest stop ladies room (my request). In the apartment parking lot between cars (mutual, to horny to wait). On a gym floor (gym was closed).

horzplay 44M/38F
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5/7/2006 8:59 pm

In the hotel elevator, hotel smoking lounge, hotel restrooms (mens and ladies), hotel roof!!! and hotel billiards room which was only 50 feet from the front desk where the security guard was standing.....LOL, even took the time to take pics. Our best though has to be at a friends restaurant under the table in a hidden corner of the place.........

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