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12/19/2005 2:57 pm

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Even tho I have never actually hooked up with anyone on this site, I love it anyway. At least there is no one from africa trying to get money out of me.

Yall know about that scam known as the"Nigerian scam". It is usually a guy pretending to be a woman and they tell you they are in love with you. Eventually they want to visit you, but have no money for the 2000 dollar plane ticket. But they have a money order that they will send you to cash and send the monet to them. After you cash it, turns out it was "washed". Changed from a twenty dollar note to 2000. You are liable for the difference,thats 1880 bucks. The more sophisticated operations actually use woman, but the photos are culled from a Hawaiian models website.

I know love is grand, but DO NOT send money to anyone, evem if they are in the US.

Anyway, about ten years ago I slept with my first black woman and I have been loving ever since. Now I would not throw any chick out of the bed. My dream woman is definetely African American.

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