Late night sex drive  

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11/26/2005 4:05 am

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Late night sex drive

Its late at night and I go to a bar for a quick round then I figure its off to bed. I walk in and look around. The bar is a little hazzy, with old wooden walls and lights that have to much dust on them but no one has enough drive to clean them. Its me and the bartender for the moment. She tells me to make it quick so she can get out of there early tonight. So I order my jack and coke with 2 straws. She pours me a double cause she knows I will tip well.

I hear the door open again and think who else is so freaking lonely to walk in 10 to close like me? I turn around and my jaw almost drops. She is a bombshell. Short cut redish black hair and blue eyes that looked like they could stop and start time with a blink of an eye. I watched her figure move like fire as she walked up to me and asked for a drink. Stunned at her beauty I look at her neck then back up to her eyes and ask what will ya have? Sex on the beach she asked for(the perfect drink for a woman).

I slow down my drinking so she may catch up but she only get through half and then goes to play a song. She asks me for a buck for the box. I give it to her even though I can tell she is using me for all I'm worth. I watch her hips sway back and forth then look at her back...Perfection. ITs hard to find in todays world but there it was not more then 10 feet away. Her belly shirt and jeans was enough to make any man stop dead and watch. Glitter on her belt so I knew she came for some attention. She sat down again this time putting her hand on the inside of my thigh and brushing slightly on my cock. I see her lips crack a slight smile.

I put my drink down and wisper in her ear if she would like to be on the floor or against the wall. I figure if I don't say something to catch her interest she will be gone and I will never see her again. Turning to look at me her lips move but no words. She tells me why not both and grabs me as she gets off her chair and drags me out to my car.

I open the doors and let her in and as soon as I start the car she opens my pants and starts to lick my cock. Damn her lips feel good, and her tongue is firm on me. I slide my hand down her back rubbing her. We pull up to my place and she even puts me away. I get out, open her door and show her to my room. I let her get 2 feet in before I grab her pushing back to the wall and slide my hands down her sides. I pull off her shirt and kiss below her breasts while feeling her other with my left hand. God she is so soft that it feels like silk to my lips. I move up and kiss her soft but firm on her lips. She then starts to throb against me grinding herself to me making me so hard that I can feel every inch of it growing in size. She rubs her hand on my cock then takes it out and ask me "Do ya think I can take the whole thing?" I think to myself well theres only one way to find out.

She goes down to her knees and sucks on me for a min. She stops and saying fuck me, fuck my face. So I grab the back of her head hard and thrust my massive cock in her mouth gaging her almost everytime. I don't care if she is ok cause she asked me to do this and I love it. Finaly right before I cum she stops me. I lift her up cause I figure she is tired from that pounding but to my surprise she pushes me back onto my bed takes off her pants in a split second it seems like and jumps on turning around and starts to ride me in the reverse cowgirl position.

Fuck it feel great but I got to slow her down. I grab a candle near by lite it and start to drip wax on her shoulders and back every now and then. "Shit ya" she screams. I know she loves this cause I feel her body throw itself back deeper onto my cock everytime it drips. She slows down suddenly and just falls forward onto her elbows and say do what you want. I get up and grab a toy quick. I shove a small shaft into her ass and my throbbing cock back into that hot, wet pussy.I fuck her. I fuck her till she starts to scream over and over again. I pull out the toy then I pull out and grab her hair and pull her back to me. I tell to suck me dry and she does. She sucks me so long that I had to cum twice before she stopped. I layed down in my bed lite another candle and she lays next to me. She turns her head to me and says...So whats your name?

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