Sex or extacy  

middaydad 59M
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8/2/2005 10:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sex or extacy

ahhh.. the big difference! SO what are you looking for? From a guys point of view (but not mine) I see that many guys here are wiling to "be right over" to knock some out. Yes BANG and thats it. Like a rabbit. And some women too. What happened to teasing to senses? Taking time to savor your partner? To pick the partner that appeals to you? Here on AdultFriendFinder guys are the hunters and will just about fuck (in general)anything! Especially the young ones. So doesnt anyone know how to really know how to "pleaseure" to the point where you want to say "WOW!"
Just to get off is nothing for guys and it takes a little more for women. From my experience when a couple are in touch with whats going on the "love" session lasts for hours until the big O happens for both. As for myself I look for the kissing, caressing, slowly undressing my partner as I massage , lick and kiss. And if the woman knows whats going on she can keep her man up for hours! Just dont ravage his member like an animal, because then He will cum and then what? EIther get it up again or thats it! This may hold true for the woman too. I know people here want to meet and get to business, heck this IS a sex site. And is thats the case alot is being missed. The extacy, sensation, being erotic and pleasure the whole body. What do you think??

purrrrrfectlady 66F
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8/6/2005 5:04 am

i think you are right!!!,,,,,but you know some ppl dont care just so they "get off"....they never have experienced. the extacy. sensation or being erotic much less the "whole body "experience so they dont have a clue!!! hmmmm where did you say you would be tonight??? LOL

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