Thanking Santa for my Baby... (Part 2)  

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12/25/2005 10:04 pm

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Thanking Santa for my Baby... (Part 2)

So we're meeting face-to-face for the first time after a few online conversations and a phone call or two. Lori steps from the jetway and right into my arms for long awaited smooch.

As I explained in the first installment I am completely floored to see that she is every bit as gorgeous as her pictures. I've dated women of every hair color, but redheads are my absolute favorite but also the ones I've dated the least. My first childhood sweetheart was a redhead, as was the first girl with whom I played "Doctor" (if heavy oral and sticking the arm of my bearded G.I. Joe up each others' asses counts as playing Doctor), a girl in jr. high that I thought was blonde until I got her pants off and discovered otherwise, and a beautiful and sweet pediatric nurse I was seeing shortly after college.

Now we're walking the short distance from the terminal into the parking garage for the drive back into town and to our hotel room. After opening the door for her to climb into the passenger seat and settling myself into the driver's seat Lori asks if we have a few minutes or if we have a deadline to meet.

She turns sideways in her seat, leaning back against the interior of the passenger door and flips on the maplight overhead. Lori then hikes her skirt up and spreading her legs she shows me her cunt. She spreads the lips wide with one hand while telling me how wet she's been all day looking forward to doing just this. With her other hand she grabs my hand and draws it to her wet pussy, topped with a wonderful bush of red pubic hair.

I moistened my fingertips with her wetness and trace slow circles around her clit for a few minutes. "Recline your seat, babe," she says. "There's something I just have to do right now."

She doesn't have to ask me twice. I recline the seat and she reaches over and begins opening my jeans. Lori smiles when she sees that I was telling the truth--I never wear underwear unless I can help it. She reaches inside and deftly pulls my cock and balls into the open. She begins fisting my cock hard and fast, bringing it to a stand and rubbing my pre-cum all over my cock and balls. Lori then presses my dick upwards against my stomach and leans over. With her other hand, she lifts my balls clear of my pants and sucks them deep into her mouth. She passes her tongue over them repeatedly, then lifts her head from my lap.

"I'll suck your fat dick later, but there's something I have to do first," she said with a smile.

Lori crawls onto my lap and rubs her wet cunt against the length of my cock several times, then positions the knob at her entrance and slides down onto my dick. Once she settles onto my cock, she begins milking it with her incredibly talented muscle control. Although she is sitting still, it feels as though her pussy is sliding up and down my dick. It creates a lovely sucking sensation that pulls my dick deeper inside her molten hole.

She unbuttons her blouse and places my fingertips at her nipples then slides her hands under my shirt and begins to pinch and twist my own. The car fills with the wonderful smell of her pussy as we rock and grind against each other for a few minutes.

Then, Lori hops off my lap and settles back into the passenger seat.

"Let's get going, big guy," she says. "I've got plans for you, but we need more room than this car can give us."

... and away we went... (Part 3 to come)

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