any help appreciated  

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10/19/2005 2:48 am

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any help appreciated

As my profile suggests, i have a great desire to watch my partner having sex with another woman. I'm sure most guys fantasise about this from time to time, but i think about it constantly. The problem is, i cannot find a way to suggest this, she is probably not what you would call open minded and in fact you might say she is afraid of anything different. Has anyone been in this situation ? if so how did you overcome it? The one comment that fuelled my fantasy was while sitting in our local bar, some young girls went past wearing extremely short skirts, when she caught me looking their direction, she said she didn't blame me, she had been looking herself! as the title for this blog suggests, any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated !


10/19/2005 6:35 am

thank-you.... I have been battling the same issues on my homefront as well... Seems every time I open my mouth,, she gives me a swift kick,,, and always seems to find something to moo about.. She said If I keep it up I will be Left swimming with the fishes,,, Or end up in a can ... one of the two.. I looked at her and said.. cum now hun... why is it we can't just fuck like all the others DUE???? But were still early in the relationship... so I am SURE she will cum around eventially!

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