Fact or Fiction ?  

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Fact or Fiction ?

As the subway car jolted and moved off, he saw her making her way through the masses of people trying to get a space to stand or sit. He kept looking at her until she glanced his direction, she smiled as their eyes met and he beckoned her to take his seat. She pushed past the swarm of bodies and as she approached he rose from his seat, she thanked him as she sat down, he knew at that point he had to have her.
As they came to each halt, more and more people got off, fewer and fewer got on, eventually the old lady sitting next to her got up and moved to the door, she looked up at him and patted the empty seat, he sat down and turned towards her. She was reading a magazine and seemed to be engrossed in the article she was reading, as he sat there wondering what to say, she folded the magazine and placed it in her bag, turning towards him their eyes met again, you have beautiful eyes, he said, she thanked him blushing slightly. Wheres you're stop, he asked, we went past it about ten minutes ago, she replied! he looked at her, slightly bemused, i don't understand, why didn't you get off? i wanted to talk to you she said, looking at the floor. His heart began to beat so fast that he was sure she would hear it.
After a further two stations they were engrossed in conversation,like they had known each other for years. Next stop is mine, he said, she didn't speak but he knew she wanted to say something, would you like to go back to my appartment for a coffee or something? he asked,please, was all she said.
As they entered the appartment she could see he was living on his own, it wasn't tidy, but it wasn't spic and span either, not really the usual bachelor pad, coffee, beer, rum, what would you like? a rum and coke would be nice she replied. As they sat chatting about this and that, he felt so at ease with her, like he'd known her forever, it felt strange somehow, but in a nice way.
Before long the afternoon had turned into the evening, he just kept saying to himself, please don't go, please don't go, but she never even suggested going. Another drink he asked, I'll get it, she replied. As she stood at the fridge he walked over behind her, placing his hand on her shoulder, she turned to face him and looked deep into his eyes, they were so friendly and passionate, she put her arms round his neck and pulled him towards her, they fell into a long very sensual kiss and she could feel is cock begin to harden as she pulled him ever closer. Their breathing became slower and deeper as they began to fondle each other, still locked in their now erotic kiss.
She pushed him away, where is you're bedroom, she asked, he took her by the hand and led her to his room, slowly they began to undress each other, as if not wanting this to ever end, as she dropped to her knees, she took his cock in her hand and stroked it slowly, then slowly, she took his swollen head into her mouth, he closed his eyes and stood there enjoying her tender caresses trying hard to hold back from releasing all so soon, easy, he said as he again felt his juices bubbling, wanting to burst out.
She stood and kissed him again, this time ever more passionate, he sat her down on the bed, pushing her back, she was beautiful, he thought.
He began to kiss her slowly, moving down her body, pausing for s moment to tease her nipples with his tongue, she moaned as she thought about what was about to happen. He moved down to her pussy and as he kissed her lightly she slowly opened her legs revealing her hairless slit, he kissed her again but this time eased his tongue into her wetness, she gasped as he flicked his tongue over her clit, he moved away and pushed her legs apart then began to kiss her inner thigh slowly dragging his tongue towards her snatch. He could now see her juices trickling out of her now pouting lips, he pulled her hands to her crotch and helped her to spread her cunt lips, as she did he again pushed his tongue deep into her honey pot, tasting her sweet tangy juices, he massaged her clit with his tongue until she groaned and bucked into a small orgasm, he could taste the warm juices boiling up from her depths, it made him even harder than he was and he could feel his pre cum oozing from his rock hard cock.
He moved slowly back up to her kissing her continuously, kissing her mouth, she pushed her tongue into his so as to taste herself, as she did he slid his hardness against her, she gently guided him into her now soaking wet pussy, he slowly but steadily pushed deep into her, she groaned as she felt him deep inside her, again she orgasmed, this time a little stronger, they lay there not moving for a few minutes just kissing. Pushing him off he rolled onto his back and as she straddled him she again guided him into her, the feeling was almost unreal almost perfect, she didn't want it to end. He grabbed her butt with his two hands and pulled her down until he was totally lost in her silk. Again she orgasmed and as she did she lay on top of him, still moving slowly, pushing against him.
He rolled her off him, then rolled her onto her front, as he straddled her she pushed herself up towards him, he took her butt cheeks in his hands, spreading them apart as he pushed himself against her, slowly he rubbed her juices into her pouting anus, then reaching to his bedside unit he produced a tube, as he smeared this over her he slid one finger into her anus, she moaned but pushed back towards him, he slipped another finger, then another, all the time working her pussy with his other hand. As he removed his fingers he pushed his hard cock against her, easing himself into her, she groaned deep into the pillow, he paused, then again pushed forward, slowly he entered her inch by inch until she backed into him loosing the last few inches into her, reaching round he fingered her pussy, concentrating on her clit, wild sensations raced through her head as she could feel an orgasm rising in her like she had never felt before. He moved in and out of her tight hole until he felt his cum pushing forward, he gave one last push and as he did she began to quiver, as he pulled out she turned over, grabbing his cock with both hands and directed his cum over her tits and face, he moved down and buried his face in her pussy, licking deep as she screamed in ecstasy.
As she lay cuddled into him, she knew, she never wanted to leave him, but knew their time was going to be too short.
As he slept, she crept out of the room, dressed and left, as she ran out the door of the appartment block, tears welled up in her eyes and her mind flashed through the day she had had, life was so unfair at times!

to be continued............

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Oh my goodness mick!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

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