reading profiles can educate oneself  

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reading profiles can educate oneself

god. are all male dominants claiming to be looking for exactly the same things? Is there no variety? No imagination? Is this a male vs female brain thing? Am i just a total bitch?

Here are direct profile quotes from another service...this way no one here can be offended I used their stuff:

"I will control every aspect of you–deciding how you dress, when you speak, and how you best will serve me. Experienced or not, it doesn’t matter. You will be my clay to mold into something that will please me.

Why do they want to mold everyone? I love it when my boys come to me pre-trained. I want my boys to be what their nature calls them to be, not something I created.

"I seek a truly submissive soul who knows deep within what she wants and needs--a woman who derives pleasure from serving a Master. To her, that relationship is as necessary as the air which she breathes. His happiness is her all."

translation: you will wait on me hand and foot because i don't want to leave the couch/mydesk/bed whatever.

example 2: "Dom Male Master seeking female subbmissive or slave. I have been in the lifestyle for 10 years and seeking a true real relationship. I am very open and caring yet strict and demanding. I am completely serious about my search and will take things slowly. I respect communication and a safe and sane lifestyle. "

{notice he can't even spell submissive}

Most of the maledoms I read profiles of say they are caring yet strict and demanding. And SSC is over done. It's become nothing more than a catch phrase. When someone says they have been a part of the "lifestyle" for years, why is it there never seems to be too many people who can vouch for them, aside from online? I was a "homeplayer" from 17-30...why not specify? Wouldn't that help folks who are looking for that to find you?

If you want to get technical on how long I've "been into the lifestyle" I could honestly say my whole life. My bio-dad is totally kink and used to keep copies of Centurian laying around for me to get into. I was raised by 3 generations of Femdoms. At 17 my BF tied me to the bed with pantyhose, spanked me while i struggled and then smeared my whole body with PB and J [which he licked and fucked off of me]. I had these kind of sexual encounters plus more on and off during my first marriage. I did not think of it being about a lifestyle. I considered it kinky sex.

And when they claim they've been a part of the BDSM community for years, why do they never mention what groups they belong to? could it be because they think being an online dom counts?

Here are the groups I have been associated with over the past seven years:

HPEP - Houston People Exchanging Power
*was given a nomination to the board this year, but I said no plenty of volunteer work when called on...don't need any extra

EROS - Erotic Rose Society
*not so active anymore due to personal problems with some of their leaders. still love the actual members though

WIPS - Women in Power Society
*The leadership of this group have been my mentors in femdom and party tossing.

HOH - House of Haway
*now defunct.

TNC - The New Club
*served as their party hostess for over a year and a half before this new merger back w HPEP

ClubFem -
*Hostessed their events for about 6 months.

TNG - The Next Generation
*One of my family members is a founder. We did their parties for over a year too.

The Safari Club
*I just have membership out there. No authority, excepting a very close bind with their host.

Just us
*a new group formed by my sister Max for women within the community to network

The Violet Society
*just joined. friends with the leadership.

Third Friday Munch
*I haven't been in a while; not much on the munch concept as an anorexic!

Bad Grrls
*Supportive of, but not active in this group due to the location of the meetings and dates

PLUS I hostess two groups I founded myself
HVSS - Singles social
*This group has lost momentum. I will probably discontinue it before the end of the year.

HVFP - Femdom to any gender submissive party
*My personal favorite to host!

When I say I am deeply entrenched, I am soooo not kidding...I can respect home players...but i pray they at least do research online before hurting anyone in a bad way...when in the community, you have access to many resources for education, communication and networking...

When I make fun of online only dominants/scenes, it is because I think it is LAME. Anyone can write porn. It is really not that difficult. Online s and m is interactive porn. Get real!

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