What a hot day here in hell  

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12/13/2005 1:57 pm

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What a hot day here in hell

Had a hard time getting going this morning...just dragged ass the whole way to getting ready...got to DV8 about 1 pm and we got the listings up pretty quickly...the phone went bullistic for a while...and what fun we had!!!

One caller got to see a cam show where we had just spent forever getting her into the new strap on harness...she looks so hot in it...she picked the dick that would most resemble the one that recently left my life to try to help me get over the urge for it...

While i have been blessed to have one of my favorite people back into my pussy, I had grown accustomed to a different 'type' of penis...I am a firm believer that there are different types of penises for different types of pleasure...anyhow, i had got a bit spoiled by pornstar quality cock...too bad it had to be attached to someone who won't be ready for what i really offered for many more years....

Danielle and I had discussed how we could try to deal with this issue yesterday, because I am a greedy girl who needs to get past this issue. So we had agreed to film a fisting on me today. That came after we had the strap on experience...

sometimes I can really let go -- even with the camera on or a caller on the line...today was one of those days...I was feeling the need for a good deep dicking and got Danielle to pump me up with one...the whole thing on cam! Total release and relaxation....damn near need a nap from it!

this same caller got to see the starting of the fisting...i think his minutes ran out just at she got her hand in to the knuckles...SO FRUSTRATING...but Danielle was kind and finished me off...on film of course so none of it was wasted! Good news is Daddy Dan came in and played camera man, so it should be pretty damn good in the long run! : )

Phone just rang and have to get offline now. More later if it gets good~ Lv M

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