Ok. Maybe you need examples  

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7/4/2005 2:53 pm

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Ok. Maybe you need examples

Here are the handles of men on my hotlist...maybe if you browse them you can get some idea of what I think it hot!!!

mistresswanted5 *this guy is too far away, but I would actually go visit him in NY!

readylovernow69 *I actually went to college with this guy and used to love to egg him into arguements

likestoplay1189 *this guy looks like someone who once had my heart in a vice. tempting

tioufrog *I've met this frenchie at a party here. He's a hottie.

johnnyblaze_713 *hot bald dude!

Quino1974 *I have a thing for Latinos too!

gauss2000 *Normally I am not a fan of blondes, but he's adorable

camicam28 *I wish this guy would write

bigtone77536 *long haired and FINE

RTECH *hot tall asian dude

J1mmyJames69 *if I ever get to FLA

bc0919 *crunchy

check these men out....if they realllllly do look like their photos then they are beyond cute!

And most of them have pretty good bios too...imagine that...I've actually read most of them...at least once...

The pix is from my birthday party last year...it is titled heaven...you figure it out...

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