Ok so working my job is not normal  

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12/17/2005 9:36 am

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Ok so working my job is not normal

Normal ‒ a normal life ‒ I have some resemblance of one if you look at some of the basics. The ways I have mananged to hold out on true employment are what sets me apart. This is where you really have to stretch your mind around how normal my life is NOT. I’ve pretty much spent my entire adult life not really working. I got married the first time at 19 and began having babies. I quit college because I just was fucking everything up way too much. I had assorted stupid stilly little jobs ‒ ie retail for a Halloween store, dealing blackjack, working for a department store ‒ before I got married and a few legit ones while I was.

Mainly I supplemented our income by taking my clothes off or being involved in the adult entertainment industry in some way. My husband was a club designer, and many of the clients were in the industry as well. I stripped for 6 years ‒ doing everything from big venue clubs to talent scouting/stealing for some clubs before they opened, promotional engagements and arrangements with certain clubs to private party bookings and strip-o-grams. While preggers with my last child I was even a phone sex girl!

I finally got a straight job that I liked after my last baby was born. BUT I fucked that up because I was flipping out over the demise of my first marriage. I filed for divorce the week before I was fired. So I went back to college. I was living in a home owned by my family with a rental property as back-up. With my child support, grants, loans and welfare, I managed to raise two very small children on a thousand dollars a month. I majored in Arts and Humanities. I worked my ass off and my talents got me scholarships. I was a featured artist with a room entirely to myself after completing the figure drawing class. Nudes are my specialty. I sold a lot of my work. I showed the world I could be a star, if I just wanted it badly enough. Then I graduated. I still did not get a normal job. I began bondage modeling. I figured it would be a good experience for me to understand my craft and it was fun! See, not only are nudes what I do best, but I make them even more beautiful by painting them into fetish themed art!

I had begun the bondage modeling {and fetish community} before I met my second husband and continued with it on and off the whole relationship. I began making movies. I began helping with large fetish events. I worked behind the scenes at first, helping with HPEP and WIPS stuff mostly. I held one party in our home for EROS’ 5 yr. anniversary. Other then that, I was just a very active member of the community attending many of the events for free because of my persona and willingness to volunteer for anything‒ whatever that may have really meant to everyone around me I am still a little unsure. I did earn my stripes: I was the bottom to Clay on main stage of an HPEP S and M ball for my second ball, I was a top in a very creative painting scene on the backstage the next year at the same event, I helped with the meet and greet table at the event and assisted with the costume contest the next 2 years after that. Last year my family presented the Obscene Clown Posse circus act that managed to collar damn near every person in attendance with glow necklaces!

I have historically burn some bridges and not everyone adores me. I am demanding when I am that high on the food chain. Luckily for me I went a little nutty lately and completely stepped away from a great deal of the responsibilities. I was way in over my head. People warned me I was heading for a burn out. I knew it when it happened and I acted just like I always do. I stepped off. I miss it a little, but honestly when virtual strangers began arriving on my stoop at all hours of the morning asking for assorted assistance it got to be more then I expected to give.

Long before all of that happened, I began understudying with some of my dear sisters who have been professional dominatrix for over a decade each. I began listening to what the people had told me of the women who provide such services locally and how they have handled their business. I knew I could do differently. I am not saying I am better than anyone else -- just not the same.

I treat everyone like they have a great value to me. I appreciate what folks do for me. I am not bossy. A few rare times I have turned into the stereotypical shebanshee femdom from hell, but mostly that is far from my style. I want the people seeing me to feel safe and loved. I want to radiate a goddess energy that procures adoration from them.

I suppliment this income with Cam and Phone Sex. Face it, it is a challenge to do get to dom work full time. Customers are not that frequent. There is a flood of competition, especially if you don't want to provide the full girl-friend-experience [GFE]. I am totally okay with my income coming in direct relation to my looks and my sexuality. It has never let me down. I am totally enjoying having to get up and do my make up. I like being prettiest in the car ‒ when I am usually alone! I get to go over to a good friend’s house where I love everyone and fuck all day on camera with a chick that is totally wonderful. We hang out and talk. We laugh. We take pictures. Who wouldn’t want this life?

I have made an assortment of low quality home-style masturbation videos where you really can’t even see my face. Zoom angles. I made them to tease my last BF with, but could never figure out how to send them. So I am going to sell them. I am also going to sell some of my photos. I am going to contact everyone I have ever worked with and ask permission. If I am going to make this work I need to apply my whole network. I am very spread out on the net and could fine tune everything fairly quickly.

This is the biggest 'oddball' part of my life that most people dating me have no real clue about. They always assume the worst. Too bad because they could be having a hell of a lot of fun~ Lv M

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12/17/2005 10:26 am

O.K. started out with a partial scholarship to a pretty major art school, on a big university. Problem was didnt get it for my ability to draw I got it for athletics, dislocate shoulder in LaCrosse game 100 mph shot slows down to about 10. So how do I keep this all up no game no scholarship? I know I'll work the Jersey shore gay clubs parading around in a thong. Stripper ,shot boy, bartender "WHATEVER" Hmmmmmm...pretty good money,now I can do my own thing during the days. Nice I start airbrushing, extra cashs not bad.Strip-o-gram here an there cpl nights a week on a pole I'll bank some money an do the art thing full time. GO-GO Boy meets GO-GO Girl , GO-Go Boy an GO-GO girl start doing live sex shows , the webs getting popular, the escort services are lookin for more n more of this thing. GO-GO Boy/Girl start getting pretty heavy into the cocaine (see where this is going) GO-Go couple meet lotsa interesting people, GO-Go boy actually gets legit gig modeling underwear for major label, GO-Go girl is too coked up to make it to Penthouse interview ????? Big fight everybody sobers up !!! GO-GO girl gets pregnant gets legit job, puts on 60 lbs goes into complete funk for cpl of years.Boy does some nude - modeling (mostly art school stuff),paints some cars. Girl eats bon-bons an gets jealous cuz He's still doin his own thing so in order to keep the peace he gets full time legit job things are quiet for awhile. Cpl of years go by she knocks off the extra weight says" I wanna dance again only way I can get enough money to help support us an get back in school" Reluctantly he agrees, NO DRUGS NO STRANGE DICK , sends her on her maerry way a paranoid wreck. Year or two later he's in denial , shes down right skinny, phone rings same time every day when he piks it up *click*, brand new cars bein towed away on flat bed, What the FUCK ???? end of Boy and GO-GO girl, Boy keeps kid legit job, and now dates kinda sorta Best Friend/Girl Friend from back in the day with a whole lotta similar history an big fear of commitment.She now produces Corsetry and fetish wear. Sound about right ..LOL

michellefromhell 49F

12/17/2005 3:36 pm

Sounds like you should get the hell outta Jersey and move it down here. We could be quite a force of nature. I am betting there are others who could share similar stories about the adult industry...damn cocaine used to be a big problem for me too...now I just dodge all man made chemicals...Lv M

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