Just a note to tell you all simple truths  

michellefromhell 49F
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12/17/2005 3:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just a note to tell you all simple truths

1. If you are complimenting someone like me, try to use correct English! "Your hot" is NOT the same as "you're hot". I do not possess hot...I am hot...the contraction [you do know what that word means correct?] is a shortening of "you are" and youR is a possessive pronoun. Honestly, it keeps me from writing many people back. Too stupid from the get go to be bothered with.

2. If you traveL for a living, you might want to know it does not have two Ls at the end. PROOF READ A LITTLE.

3. Most typos are not a problem, because I am a wretched speller. But basic simple ones can be extremely annoying.

4. Sending me your phone number the first time you contact me is stupid. I do not call anyone until I have talked to them for a few notes online. It stinks of desperation! No one finds that attractive

5. WINKING at me does NO good. I don't even have the ability to write everyone back. What the hell makes anyone think I am going to bother with the winkers? Have the balls to contact me.

6. I am a nicer person then it sounds on my profile. I come off as a total bitch to people who don't write me with anything of interest. Vanilla sex is great for Vanillas...I AM SOOOOOO NOT VANILLA! I am totally kinky. You all can keep your straight sex bullshit for someone who actually gives a fat flying fuck. I am not that person. I could care less.

Ok done venting for now. Lv M

easy_8 56M

12/18/2005 9:05 am

Bad spelling is a real turn off for me too....it makes the person appear stupid (in my eyes) if they can't spell....
Your strong will is very sexy too...
Hope you feel better getting that off your chest!!!

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