I had forgotten the tribulations of being dinner  

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7/10/2005 8:37 am

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I had forgotten the tribulations of being dinner

I was fed off of Friday by a natural vampire. He doesn't even begin to understand the cycle he just began with those bites. Having been the hunter/feeder for so long, I had forgotten what happens for days to my prey after a meal.

Not only is there a wonderful physical reminder [which rushes my mind back to him each time I feel the pain of the bruises], but there is an exhaustion. I actually feel drained. Plus to worsen this, he has left part of himself within me, making me cry for his absence. Ridiciously so, considering he is my once a month boy without true and real attachment because of his inability to allow us to find out if anything we experience is even very real.

I tilt my neck and the bruises pull. They feel like they are pulling my nipples to full erection. This triggers my groin. Even though he pumped me hard enough to leave bruises on my thighs and I doubt I could take any more sex from my soreness, just the sensation from the bruise makes me wet. So I am left with this urge to wildly fuck again and no one to resolve it for me.

The final saddness - it'll be another 3 weeks before this one returns. He always makes me feel so beautiful when we fuck. I wish he had that same affect on me when we are just hanging out, but all of his magic is in his penis.

Good thing it is truly an amazing one~ Lv M

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