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7/9/2005 12:29 pm

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yeaow! Get down James Brown! I am feeling sooooo much better now...yep...got totally fucked brainless for hours last night/this morning by the one that I always think has gotten away...or more to the point - that I think I always think I am totally over...

He managed to stop his bitchy girlfriend coming into his work last night and got his best friend to cover for him, after our paths crossed earlier. I had my serpentarium siblings, Myke and LeighLeigh, meet me at my favorite gay bar so we could ride together to another function we had tickets for downtown. {I am the only one who really knows that part town inside and out} The plan was to be in and out of there before he got to work - but those bitches ran late!!!

After not talking for three weeks - when he reallllly pissed me off, he musta missed me a little. Plus *not to sound full of myself, but many people told me this last night* I LOOKED VERY FUCKABLE in my fancy outfit. He came up and I told him about my cat. He was one of the first people I contacted when my other one died Christmas eve. When we walked out I said, "See you later. I'll come back in for a little while" and I actually returned.

From that moment on he must have been scheming. At the end of the night, he came home with ME! God, he is soooooooo good in bed. With a perfect body and perfect cock, he would make any woman feel beautiful for being chosen. WE FUCKED FOR OVER 4 HOURS moving from room to room and position to position like two jumping beans after sitting around catching up for an hour before with the most bizarre conversation he has ever presented me with. And before he left this morning he made me cum to the point where I can barely walk.

We have come to the conclusions of:
1. I would marry him with an open and honest marriage if he needed me to - once both of our divorces are finalized *if i choose to get one* - so that he could become a citizen.
2. I would never 'date' him. I am just not convinced we would make a good pairing outside of the bedroom. We don't really have much in common, except chemical attraction. Plus our seven year age difference keeps him on my 'boyfriend not serious list'.
3. That if we were locked in a room together for a weekend, we'd probably die from fucking. *We almost passed out during sex last night still interlocked.
4. We really don't need to see each other more then once a month. That way we get along great.

I need a wheelchair. I can't move my legs very well. My pussy is throbbing. Can't wait for the next three weeks to pass~


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