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Good quotes

From "The Hamish Hamilton Book of PRINCESSES" Copyright 1962 Sally Patrick Johnson:

Even the most common place events -- when they happen to a Princess -- take on glamour and excitement....the Princess symbolizes something special...

...the Princess represents our dreams of beauty, wealth, and privilege most perfectly...she is without pressing responsibility, free to be pampered, adored, enchanted, kidnapped, rescued and won in all enviable combinations...There is a mystical something that inspires awe, love and even fanatic devotion, be it in the public, the Prince or the writer. And when she is wicked, her treachery is all the more horrible and her downfall all the more deserved...

...the Princess herself is left to be the centre of countless intrigues, recipient of fantastic gifts, object of widely assorted suitors, more lovely than any Princess before or since, and eternally the ideal of romantic femininity."

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