Check out my new, improved even more detailed bio!!!  

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Check out my new, improved even more detailed bio!!!

As of July 2005, I am approaching this as a single person for the first time in over six years. I want to be very specific, so that we can cut through the BS and get very real. If you do not read, I will know and call you out on it - maybe just in an email to you but more likely in my blog on this site. Can you tell this is not my first rodeo?

I'm a community leader in Houston. I hostess events and attend a great deal of local and national functions. I am a very real person with very specific standards. Having been born into the community over seven years ago, I have learned more then most people ever dream of. Nothing I say to you will be deceptive.

Here is what I have to offer on a personal and professional level. If you are interested in me for any of this, please contact me and explain why you think you and I should invest the energy and time.

If you are approaching me to begin a private relationship with you, you must know in advance that I am a polyfemdom. I do NOT believe in the ONE but the selected few. I am too much for any ONE human being to manage. If you are looking for "the one" keep on looking - I am not the dom for you.

For those in the Houston and local area:

1. I want some weekend playmates. I go to many parties and want an escort. I will network you into the whole world of local bdsm, and being a home player only arrangement is not an option I would prefer to give. I would if the person was special enough, but I would not be pleased about it and probably spend less time with them.

2. I am also available for more vanilla with sprinkles kinds of dates. I like to go to museums, art exhibits, the circus, concerts and limited sporting events [boxing matches would not suck!]

3. For the local people, I can make more time in general. I have two teenagers, so my time does require scheduling. IF I MAKE TIME FOR YOU IT SHOULD SHOW YOU THAT I THINK YOU ARE SPECIAL - if you stand me up, you will be cut from the roster.

4. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM PROBABLY THE PICKEST WOMAN ABOUT WHOM I GIVE MY TIME TO THAT YOU WILL EVER MEET! I hold everyone to a high standard because that is what I give out to the world myself. I rarely give out my private email or phone number until I am sure I want you to pursue me.

5. I expect to see my local companions a minimum of every ten days

those outside of Houston, but still in TX:

1. If we hit it off in email and then over the phone, we can discuss you coming here to visit or if you are in a city where I have friends, I may agree to go there. Cities where I have close ties/associations/a love of: San Antonio, Austin and New Orleans. I know folks in Dallas too, but just not as many.

2. While I am down with travel, do not think I will relocate. I have my kids in an excellent school that they will not finish for 5 years. Plus I have no interest in moving in with another man for a VERY long time.

3. I would expect any relationship formed to have a
bi-monthly to monthly face to face interaction . If you cannot afford to travel this much, please pursue someone else. As a single parent, I cannot afford to travel much, so it would be preferred if you visit here.

For those outside of Texas and/or the US:

1. Honestly, I can only afford to travel to you if you can pay for my ticket. I am having to support myself and my kids fully for the first time in over 5 years. I also have to start saving for their college. BUT I DO HAVE A PASSPORT AND LOVE EUROPEAN MEN!

2. I will not develop online only relationships. If you can't travel here - do not write.

3. If you are in the states, I would expect to see you alternating months to quarterly visits for weekends of mutual appreciation. If international, bi-annual visits would be required, but not really what I want.


I am not as big of a bitch about whom I choose to take on as clients. I get a nominal donation to my household fund for what services i do provide.

1. I have an extensive fetish modeling portfolio. Contact me for my link to see it. I do still and video work for varying fees.

2. I make guest webcam and phonesex appearances with my friend Danielle Squirts. I will have my own set up soon. If you are interested in how you can direct me in your own porn live while whispering naughty somethings in your ear - remember it will have a price. Drop me a note if you want the link.

3. I rarely take on prodom clients anymore, but would for the highest quality customers. My screening process is brutal and my donation is not very inexpensive. If you want to know more, drop me a note.

4. I can get you invited to my parties. Each has a door donation and a food/drink contribution requirement. I hostess a femdom to any gender submissive group and a singles social. Please email me for more information.

5. I often have items for auction on vanilla auction sites. I mostly have antiques and vintage clothing. If these things interest you, please drop me a note.

NONE OF THESE ARE FULL TIME JOBS FOR ME! Please, realize I am trying to make a great life for me and my kids. They can be gone every weekend, so don't think they will be a hinderance. NO one will be meeting them for a LONG time.

Now that I have been clear on what I have to offer timewise let's talk about what you should be offering me:

1. It's no big secret that I prefer men from 29-39. I like when they are becoming secure in who they are and helping them develop into stronger men for it. Any younger and I feel I am raising another child [no thanks!]. Any older and it is just too damn close to the midlife crisis. It takes an exceptional man older than 39 for me to grant them permission to pursue me.

2. I like men who care about how they dress/look. I am not looking for Mr. Buff Supermodel, but instead someone with an edge - but not someone whom the only person who finds him attractive is his mom! I am very good looking and require my partners be the same. Metrosexual is a HUGE PLUS, but old school punkrock doesn't suck either. Not so big on the traditional cowboy thing, sorry bubbas, but I do like a man in a well fit cotton shirt and nice jeans w/ boots. [Hell, I am a 5th generation texan] Business suits turn me on, but so does a kickass pair of leather pants. NO CROSS DRESSERS THOUGH!!!

3. I am not partial to blondes. [think nordic] I like dark colored hair and light colored eyes. [more mediterranian] I don't tend to date people who are African American because the cultural differences and expectations are not something I choose to deal with. I've varied from this in the past and found it too much for me to handle.

4. Whomever I get involved with MUST be honest with me. I deal with so many liars that I can tell everytime. I won't lie to you, so why do it to me?

5. NO MARRIED MEN. NO VIRGINS. Newbies okay, but not preferred.

6. Bald boys will get first dibs. I like to lick skulls. Deal with it. Hippies and Clean cuts get second dibs. AVERAGE gets a no thanks, good luck on the hunt note.

7. The BDSM can vary from servitude only to full on hard core rough and tumble stuff. I teach flogging and am very into caning and single tail. If you love to play hard and can take a good bite and or scratch, mention that in your note to get extra attention.

8. Someone who wants to have fun. I don't want anything too serious. I am walking away from that because it has yet to be successful for me. Please respect that.

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