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12/15/2005 6:48 am

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Another section of yesterdays writings

I think Whitney is right about men expecting houseboy duties to basically be this one fantasy:

· Man arrives at “Mistress’” house ‒ “Mistress” is decked out in FemDom costuming

· Man is told to undress or is dressed in “sissy maid attire/ cross dressed”

· Man lightly has to clean a room while “Mistress” sits and watches him

· “Mistress” belittles adequacy of man’s work and hits him with crop for mistakes


· When men who serve me personally come to my house/on my time/for free, I am dressed however I am dressed. Sometimes this can mean a T-Shirt and boxer shorts with sweat socks and other times it could be something sexy, especially if I am sexually attracted to the boy. {If they are a paying client it is a different story.}

· Some of my friends do like their boys to have to ‘dress’ to clean. Danielle prefers them naked. I like them to work in whatever they are comfortable with, but if my kids are home it must be something passable as normal. Then again a sarong is normal around here, so for certain people there are certain exceptions.

· I don’t want to watch ANYONE sit and clean. If it is someone I like I might sit and talk to them while they work, but mostly I would prefer to be out of the way. I expect everything to actually be really clean when I am told the work is complete. No comet film left behind ‒ just full on sparkle. I make sure there are cleaning products for each room and try to keep the ones specific to that room in there at all times. IT IS A SIGN OF POOR INSIGHT if I come to check out a completed room to see the products left out on the shelf.

· I also do not believe in negative reinforcements. To sit and belittle someone who should be here working because of their adoration of me goes completely against how I feel about my role as a FemDom. My goals are focused around building someone up and helping build them a greater self-esteem through accomplishments. If I am sitting here calling them a piece of shit then eventually I will think of them as one.

· Finally, I do not use pain for punishment. I only want pain associated with pleasure. I tried to take a different stance on this recently in a relationship and did not see how it benefited from it in any way. I need to be reminded, though, that physical rewards should be handed out more frequently.

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