The best ride so far .  

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9/13/2005 10:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The best ride so far .

So I am driving back from work, pop in at pub and relaxed. Two ladies willing looking ladies noticed I was looking at the one. she had long dark brown hair and green eyes. Beautifully!
she was from cape town but stayed now in garsfontein and last night visited her lady friend. Anyway, I was not doing anything but playing the eye game with her. Throwing my special look at her. she was surprised and immediately interested. how do I know this?

Ladies, one thing you should know,... when you find a guy attractive and he looks at you,..if you get nipple stands, he knows that you like him.
so did this girl. I just smiled and she didn't know why but was compelled to ask me why I'm smiling.
I just said,.. nothing and quickly talked me out of a very difficult discussion.
we chatted a bit.
her name is Tanya.
she is 26 old and study at unisa(counseling)
Beautiful body.

Not long into the conversation and she asked me the question. Anything quick is ok with me but she didn't even gave me chance to try and get her in bed.

I tell you, life changes to much. men should be hunting and girls should be waiting to be hunted.

now we left together and as im driving she starts to get undressed...pants down...shirt almost off..., I just had to stop somewhere dark cause dammit man we will go to jail. Now at this moment I had a very stiff dig. I stopped and my pants is down... shirt unbuttoned. this now all happened right outside Loftus Rugby station.

I have never had such an experienced deepthrought blow Job.
Fuck, the darn police drove past. luckily i park quite far from the street into the outside field, not to be noticed easily, and yes they just drove by. do you know how much that experience boosted our hormones?

both being naked I let her sit over me.
Heat wave after heat wave and what normally would be a problem for me,that having to cum the same time she cum's, was now perfect. as she came, you could feel her warm body still shivering just after she came. this was where i came and mad we went wild and was leker wet.

nice soft 37c cup size breasts and a body to die for, she simply was the best. It was dark so I didn't take pictures.

We made a date to have hot sex and then I'll introduce this sex bomb to yeah all.

as I'm typing this I'm sitting with a hardon. fuck, she was simple the Best so-Far.


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