Stop and smell the tulips.  

michael59x 57M
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4/17/2006 5:34 pm

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4/30/2006 8:33 pm

Stop and smell the tulips.

Easter was nice, dyed the eggs and had a great meal. Cut some tulips from my bulb bed and have them inside to enjoy. My wife retired early, so I was alone to play for a couple of hours.

The evening starting out with me watching some live cam action. I really enjoy that. As often happens, many will cut me off. You have to get used to that. The ones that still kind of upset me are those that wait till you vote and then cut you off, but hey, I just move on to the next cam. Last night was my typical mixture of guys, and couples. It’s not uncommon for me to have five to seven sessions open with a mixture of everything.

I had my hard cock in one hand and the mouse in the other. Funny how you learn to work with both hands at the same time. I also enjoy watching a slide show of all the sexy pictures I have saved, so ended up shooting a nice load to a simple side show.

Also posted one of my fantasy stories about a male to male encounter during a business trip. I enjoy writing and am also working on a new story.

This morning I was up at my usual time and after the wife and kids left for school and work, it was back to what is my normal routine of having about 45 minutes of ‘quality’ time to play. I decided to watch one of my favorite clips here on the site. It’s of a couple fucking doggy style. I love it as it starts from him sliding it in and then moving in and out. You can tell she is getting adjusted to his size as his cock bends a couple of times till she opens up for him. His cock is very nice and looks great moving in and out. She has a small vibrator on her clit. You can see his excitement starts to build, he picks up his pace and takes a firmer grip on her hips. He slaps her butt playfully. Then he moved his hands forward and really picks up his pace. His cock swells up and he pulls it out and shoots a nice load all over her butt and back. Nice big thick gobs of come shooting out of the end of his nice big cock head. (See attached visual aid.) I never fail to come with him. MMMM. Lick the come off of my hands and towel and I am ready to clean up and head to work.

I have lost count as to how many times I have come with them. They haven’t been online for over a year now, so I can’t even thank them for the nice clip. I just hope that the video doesn’t get deleted.

Work has become very tiring as I am in the middle of two large projects. The time flies by and I am getting home later than usual.

Wrote some email to a couple of friends and decided to add another day to the old blog.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and stopped to smell the tulips. I sure enjoyed mine.

gsmiley6 56M
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4/22/2006 10:00 am

Hey Mike sounds like you got a pretty good routine. I myself begin very early so I have the time to get that nut before anybody else is up. I also have a favorite clip to end with. Lately I enjoyed looking at hugh cum shots for either a distance shot or for shear volume. I also enjoy what I download off of web site. Just fascinates me how they get off hands free. I know this post is kinda late but I'm just reading over some of your old posts.


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