Holiday Morning  

michael59x 57M  
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4/16/2006 9:46 am

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4/21/2006 3:58 pm

Holiday Morning

This blog will probably ramble on with a mixture of things. I just sit down and start writing most of the time and see where it goes.

It’s been a typical holiday morning so far. Slept in as I didn’t get to bed too early last night.

Wife was out doing a sleep study last night so I ended up laying in bed playing with my cock. Started out by playing with my e-stim toys. I am still learning the ropes there and can get some really good feelings, but have not managed to have a hands free orgasm yet. But I know I will one day. By the time I was done with the e-stim stuff, my cock was leaking precome pretty good.

Had one of my armature porn tapes in. I am bi and love to watch guys with guys, guys with gals, and gals with gals. Don’t care for the mass produced stuff these days at all and just love to see other normal people having fun, miscues and all. Also enjoy seeing big people like myself having fun. In spite of what Hollywood would have us believe, big people can have just as hot sex as any skinny person. I played with my cock for over an hour and ended up shooting a nice hot load while a skinny guy was pumping a load all over the stomach of a nice big gal. The sight of a cock shooting come always gets me off.

Drifted off to sleep, actually did notice I was alone in my bed..kinda funny how that works. Wife got back around 7:00AM. She said hello and went out to watch the morning news shows and I drifted back off to sleep. Woke up around 9:00AM and my cock was rock hard. My wife and I only have sex a couple times a month these days, so I come most of the time by jacking off. This was also a nice leisurely session that took about 30 minutes. Mostly mind play this time, all over the place. Was leaking all over my cock head when I finally blew. I love to taste my come, so enjoyed licking what was on my fingers and then the rest from the washrag that I had placed on my stomach to catch the rest. (Have added a visual effect..not from this morning..but you should get the idea. )

Will dye some Easter Eggs later on..don’t know why I like to do that as my children are all past the stage of hunting for eggs…guess there is still a part of a big kid inside that I hope I never loose. Will also go out and have a nice meal with my family.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday!

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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4/16/2006 10:53 am

Happy Easter!

Hippink 35F
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4/16/2006 10:59 am

Sounds like a pretty good holiday so far! You've cum twice, and I haven't at all yet! Time to go change that.....

Anyone expecting the Easter Bunny to show up w/ some treats can just forget about it and try to go on with their miserable lives... cuz I hunted down that bunny, tied him up and stole all his chocolate.
Now that I've got one hell of a sugar high, we're gonna fuck like bunnies all day long.
Happy Easter, suckers!
Have fun dying Easter Eggs!
Hippie XXX

michael59x 57M  
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4/17/2006 5:36 pm

Thanks. I hope your Easter Holiday was nice. Hippie..hope you had some fun cumming.

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