Be Careful for What You Wish For  

michael59x 57M  
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7/20/2006 4:35 pm
Be Careful for What You Wish For

It’s been a while since I posted to my blog, so I thought I would add a few lines tonight. These last couple of weeks have been a bit rough, and the last week has been even rougher.

If you read one of my real encounter stories posted here on AdultFriendFinder, it talks about the first three guys that I had fun with as an adult since my teenage years some 20 years earlier. See: Some of my Bi Sexual (Male to Male) Encounters

Much to my surprise, I ran across one of them on another site and found the email address for another. I contacted both of them just to say hello and was elated that I had found them again. Didn’t expect anything except a friendly email or two, but one totally ignored me, the other only wrote back confirming he was the same guy I thought he was, then nothing.

Needless to say my elation soon turned into wishing I hadn’t found them again. I don’t know why I should have thought things would be any different than the first time, when after talking with them both for over six months, having a very nice time together, they both stopped talking to me. It was tough back then to bear the silence and it’s equally tough now.

This whole online hookup game started with them 9 years ago, and when I look back at the last 9 years, not much has really changed, except that I am growing weary of it all.

I keep telling myself not to take things personally and that this is just how this works. Easy to say, not easy to do.

I may soon just return to the shadows, watching web cam show when people will let me and retreat into the fantasy world that has gotten me through most of my life.

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