Pirate pinhead takes over  

micahbiguns 51M
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12/26/2005 3:21 am

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3/22/2006 11:11 pm

Pirate pinhead takes over

HAR DE HAR HAr mateys I have micahbiguns tied up in the corner with duct tape over his mouth and eyes. * jolly roger flag being hoisted as pirate speaks* Ya see he needed to be restrained after a confrontation with his ex wife and her lover, Both of these characters were formerly good friends of his. What does he expect from a cheating whore to which he committed 20 years of his life to? This chump allowed this wench to walk all over him again and again and still cares for her. Maybe when he can behave,like a real man, I will let him come out and play again or maybe I will toss him overboard. Until I decide to let this wretched little blog go it is all mine * parrot on shoulder echos* (squawk all mine)
Until a full recovery has been made or at least drugs of suitable strength have been ingested by biguns this blog will be under the control of the Pirate Pinhead so enjoy my sweet rhyme about this time and his desire to do a crime
If you don't then I will have you keelhauled
Aye maybe even make ye walk the plank

As I pump in that shotgun shell
The rage in my heart begins to swell

I walk down the street with my trench coat on
You my darling wife have quit and gone.

If I do what I want I will be in another hell
For surely then they will lock me in jail

If I were to seek revenge you and he would die
Then they would send me to the chair and I would fry.

You have already locked me in a kind of cell
The way you have made life a living hell

As you can see this crime won't pay
Killing you will not make my day

So I will Continue to struggle on
One day I will be happy your gone

In my anger I threw a fit
So into your casket I shit
We once were wed
But now you're dead
I thought I should get past it

The laughter, the laughter
I couldn't sound more dafter
For your death they arrested me
The judge threw away the key
Then they hung me from a rafter.

I'm dead now, my skin's blue
I'm a ghost, oh yes it's true.
As I roam this earth
My soul has no mirth
Still better then being with you.

While these may not be the sweet treats you get from biguns they are much truer to mankind's evil and warped nature remember the Pirates code do unto others before they can do unto you. HAR DE HAR HAR
Pirate Pinhead's thoughts on poetry is as follows

What poetry really is
Is pretty wrapping paper hiding
A whole lotta crap

Now get back to scrubbing them decks ya scurvy dogs

duststormdiva 51F
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12/26/2005 8:17 am

Good luck in your future hunt. Whatever it is you are looking for. But get over her first. Get over that anger. Don't let it cloud the gem that comes into your life. *hugs*


micahbiguns 51M

12/26/2005 11:58 pm

caressmewell Thank you for the kind advice most days are good yesterday well.......

duststormdiva Thank you also for the kind words

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