Have you ever wondered  

micahbiguns 51M
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12/24/2005 7:34 pm

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3/22/2006 11:19 pm

Have you ever wondered

have you ever wondered..or perhaps you have not
why a zebra has it`s stripes and a leopard it`s spot
or why the grass is green..and the sky is blue
why is it that way...I don't have a clue
and where did man come from..what is the proof we are created
and if we were all born from one...why aren`t we all related
or why do clouds appear some days..up in the sky so blue
and on other days where do they go..have you wondered that too?
and why does it rain so much..it washes townships out
and why so much rain in cities..when the countryside`s in drought
and why does a week have seven days...why not eight or nine
who says it has to be this way..with day and date and time
and why do some things walk the earth..while others are given flight
and who determines..what`s wrong and what is right
so why are we all so goverened by the things we do
I`ve often sat and wondered why.....haven't you ?

NaughtyNurseMn 48F
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12/24/2005 8:05 pm

Very beautiful...

The Naughtiest Nurse You'll Ever Know...


micahbiguns 51M

12/24/2005 8:36 pm

NaughtyNurseMn thank you

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