87 Bucks  

micahbiguns 50M
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5/5/2006 9:57 pm

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5/8/2006 9:36 am

87 Bucks

$ 87.00 ffs this is what it cost me to top the tank of the Goat If we go anywhere at all she will need refilling before we get back! Omg SOB how I hate to do it but I am going to have to............ No not sell her ya silly people I simply meant put her back in the garage. It is almost a crime to have to store a car like this in the spring and summer but what else can I do I cannot afford to drive her. She only runs on high octane premium ffs. Anybody know where I can buy a good used Yugo? Oh never mind I just remembered there was never such a thing as a good new Yugo! Seriously I think I will just cruise around on the bike means I gotta buy C armored leathers but still cheaper than keeping baby full and happy.

Have a great weekend all

KitenWithAWhip 37F

5/5/2006 10:16 pm

mmmm a GTO....what color??? I love old cars

rm_phoenix_law 60M

5/6/2006 4:20 am

I had a '65 GTO years ago. What a sweet car it was!! 389 ~ 350 horse ~ tri-power ~ it would REALLY scat!!

TTigerAtty 62M

5/6/2006 5:12 am

Do you want lots of MPG (miles per gallon) or lots of FPG (fun per gallon)?

Treat her right! Drive her just enough to keep everything lubricated and keep the flat spots from developing on tires and bearings!

micahbiguns 50M

5/6/2006 6:23 am

KitenWithAWhip she is a red 1966 convertible

katsback Yeah that is what I will probably do but she is so much fun to drive

micahbiguns 50M

5/7/2006 10:05 am

katsback Yeah that is what I am going to have to do

phoenix_law Yeah they are nice cars mine has been slightly *grin* modified she has a 421 tri power withg the blower turning and a shot of nos she puts out 1000 ponies. My little girl doesn't know the meaning of sipping fuel she has no manners in that department she guzzels away lol

TTigerAtty But of course I will drive her some just cant afford to take her on any more long road trips

SensuallyKatey Cheap at ther price of fuel I am not so sure

katsback I saw you will probably be contacted by staff reporter Ima Gossip for follow up info

bbwDDs4XXX Done

DrLoveEsoterica 62M
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5/7/2006 9:48 pm

Micah, I drive a diesel pickup and the last five stops at the station have ALL been over a hundred bucks. At 15 mpg, I've been thinkin' about a Yugo too. However, my Dad would disown me if I ever bought a foreign car. Unfortunately, it's getting tougher and tougher to not look at imports. I keep hoping bio-diesel and ethanol production will be put into high gear soon. Maybe gas will drop back to the same price it was when your GTO was new when that happens.

Personally, I'm ready to let the farmers get some of the oil company profits for a change. In my opinion, they deserve it. Sixty Minutes had a great story on the development of E85 ethanol this evening. I work at a university here in the south that is working on alternative fuel research right now. While both bio-diesel and ethanol are on the table, I think ethanol has the greatest potential for "quick" adoption, because there is less new technology required to get things rolling. While I don't think we'll ever see 35 cent a gallon gasoline again, I do think we'll see prices drop if the oil lobby doesn't stop the research and development that is gaining momentum right now.

I am envious of your car, btw. I recall my friend's '69 GTO in high school. I was driving a much tamer Ford at the time, but man did we both have fun cruisin' the streets of our little town in our big gas guzzlin' cars.

Take care of that car and I predict you'll be able to get it back on the road with cheaper (at least not any higher priced) gas in a few years.


micahbiguns 50M

5/8/2006 9:36 am

DrLoveEsoterica I hear what ya are saying about the alternative fuels and I hope they come around soon. Here in mo there are a couple of stations that sell e85 problem is tat it is the same price as premium fuel sigh

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