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5/26/2005 7:47 pm

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by rockwriter58

Our modest blog host JF has managed to find his version of ecstasy through this friendly website. But others, like this author, continue to search. Today, a look at one of the devices that some folks employ here.

I’m rather ambivalent about winks.

If you have been here awhile and you’re a man you probably have collected a few. If you are a woman, you probably collected about a dozen in five minutes. This feature again shows the gender differences apparent here.

My first wink came from someone whose profile shows she is openly a prostitute. After that inauspicious start, my second wink came from a profile I have suspicions about. Was it a front for prank-happy teens or frat boys? That’s still to be determined. (See my blog Ruminations and the May 20 post “Fakes.” My third wink came from one of the most popular members here. You must know her (and no I will not name names here, I only do that on my turf). Hint: she is a collector of folks for her network and she is based in my state of Maryland. I did not respond. The ego downshift was it had taken her so many months to notice me. I actually count myself as lucky there.

During the past week, my luck changed a bit. A nice woman in Tennessee sent me a wink. I’m still not sure why, but I think it is one of the functions of the feature. Just use it to say, “hello,” or “I approve” or “very nice.” And I got a wink from someone closer to home: someone who actually looks promising.

So with this mixed record, do I use winks? Of course. But I’m more restrained than when I first signed on here. The silence that greets most men here, I believe, encourages you to flash anything to get attention. Winks are one such device. The women here probably get annoyed at how they pile up. I still use them when I see folks online who I’d like to chat with or get to know better. But the return on that has been quite small.

Nevertheless, winks are still an ego stroke. They can be a great communication device. But as usual, technology only reflects the true purpose of its user.

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mi_mwpm 51M

5/26/2005 10:33 pm

Thanks for filling in for my Rock!

I haven't found that winks I've sent out have had any return. I've received a couple that went somewhere though.

I'll be back on Tuesday... and I might find something worth posting from FLA in the meantime.

zenyen 65M

5/31/2005 7:12 am

I've sent some winks, but not really got much response, but then again, I've sent a lot of emails and very little response.

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