We raise our glasses to... the second encounter  

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5/16/2005 10:00 pm

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We raise our glasses to... the second encounter

I suddenly found myself free for the following evening. Fortunately, I found out in time to send you a message before you left for work, barely. We make a date for Monday... timing is everything.

Such a long day, waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around... tick... tock. Finally, the bell tolls and I'm out the door. An hour drive and I arrive at your place, 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

You greet me at the door in a wonderfully low-cut dress exposing your great cleavage. We kiss then move to the couch, More kissing, still so soft, so sensuous. It's not long before we decide to move to the bedroom. Once there we kiss a little more... I lift your dress over your head and unclasp your pretty blue bra. Your huge breasts spring free and my lips and tongue immediately move to them. First one, then the other, making those nipples grow erect. My hands move down to your hips and slide your panties down your legs. I can't keep my hands and lips off you, but you want me naked too and I'm happy to oblige - though I do leave a strategic piece in place, for now.

You lie back on the bed, I follow... still more kisses, nibbles, licks and sucks on your breasts. I slide my fingers down to your trimmed pussy... soooo wet, so warm. I can't restrain myself any longer and put my lips and tongue where my fingers were. I eat you like you're the last meal I'll ever have... no idea how long I'm there, I'm having too much fun feeling you twitch and listening to you moan softly.

We shift postitions and you begin to suck me - so much for the strategic covering. Your mouth feels so good. Lots of tongue, plunging deep dives, just the right amount of suction. I'm in heaven with an angel and a half.

You climb on top and slide me into you... so tight... so wet... I suck your nipples as you ride me. You move so I have to chase... I catch... you move... all the while moving slowly up and down my shaft.

We change positions once again... you on your back, me slowly sliding into you again and again. Long, slow strokes. I feel and hear your wetness. Your smile tells me all I need to know. I kiss your lips, your cheeks, your neck, your nipples, all the while continuing to slide in and out. When we finish we cuddle and kiss... we chat while holding each other... almost out of time... 2 hours already... I need to get home, you need to get ready for work.

We plan to meet again, when there won't be a time constraint... hopefully we'll find more time before then, but it may not be possible.

Until that next time... we'll talk here, where we met.

mi_mwpm 51M

5/17/2005 9:12 pm

Huny, you'll find someone... or you can move to Michigan.

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