Todays Adventure: Worth every bit of delay....  

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4/21/2005 6:48 pm

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Todays Adventure: Worth every bit of delay....

I left the house at 7:15, knowing there was still the chance our "date" wouldn't happen. By 7:30 I'm halfway to your house and, still, no call. I'm getting nervous, not again, please, not again. At 7:40, the phone rings, and you say "Good Morning." I have to ask... "Is it?" It is! I'm 5 minutes away. We only have until nine and it's already 7:45...

You met me at the door and led me upstairs to your bedroom. A couple of minutes of hugging and away our clothes flew. Your wonderful breasts were under my tongue and between my lips in an instant. You moaned softly, I grew harder. We moved to the bed, where I could lick and suck your nipples even better. As I kissed my way down your belly towards the musky scent that drew me like a moth to flame, I heard another soft, beautiful moan.

My tongue slowly worked its way into your fleshy folds. You were already wet and I was very pleased. 5... 10... 15... 20 minutes of me licking, sucking, nibbling your nether lips and clit, probing both of your holes with my tongue, you moaning, me burying my lips deeper into you, making you temble, then groan with exquisite delight. My finger probes inside you, searching for that magical spot... I seem to find it, your back arches. SUddenly, I'm hit with a stream of fluid... you've squirted. We're both shocked and amazed. I come up for air, you pull me down on top of you. My cock slides into your dripping pussy.

Your nipples beg for attention, I oblige. I kiss one, then the other, then your cheek, neck, shoulder, and forehead - mindful of the rule of kissing rule, except for one little slip... a peck on the lips. We keep going, giggling a little at the "violation." Your gushing pussy meets my cock, stroke for stroke. I raise your hips so I can get even deeper. We switch to doggy, and we're exhausted, but not finshed.

We cuddle and chat; all the while I continue to stroke your nipples, kiss your neck, slide a finger south. I keep you on the edge, and you tell me how great you feel. We slip back into a 69. You suck me hard again, I lick you to distraction. We can't stand it... it's nine and neither of us is ready to stop. My cock slides back into you, and you're wetter than anyone I've ever been with before. The no kissing rule goes out the window. Our tongues and lips are one... we go at it like we're never going to have sex again. It's now 9:20 and I really need to get to the office, you need to get your day started in the home office, too. We still don't want to stop, but we must.

We make a date for Monday night... both families are supposed to be out of the house. We also discuss becoming Thursday morning regulars. I'm thrilled, you tell me how good I am... wary of giving me a big head, but that's not going to happen... it's as much you as it me.

You slip me out of the house. We can only wave goodbye. My head spins for the next 2 hours... it was so wonderful. Through the entire day, I can still smell you on my fingers... I'm intoxicated.

Is it Monday yet? We still need to take those pictures we talked about.

mi_mwpm 51M

4/21/2005 9:41 pm

Hi Huny.... I'm still giddy from this session. It was definitely an OH MY GOD kind of time. Hope you find yourself a nice guy to rock your world, even if only on an as available basis.

FrndsWBenefits 53M/52F
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4/22/2005 7:06 pm

(Glad you were able to 'connect.' Hm. Didn't hear a THING about photography, either. Go figure...) Hee!

jonia2 58F

7/1/2005 12:23 pm

wow... that is exactly what happened... I'll have to get you back on the schedule... we did have fun...ahhhhh

licks and kisses

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