Saturday Night Special  

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6/13/2005 8:30 pm

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Saturday Night Special

It was Saturday evening, we planned to meet after several weeks of being unable to more than talk and email. I rolled up to your place a little ahead of schedule, not quite sure if you were ready for me or not. No need to worry, you opened the door before I managed to get out of the car. You stood in the doorway, smiling in that sexy dress with the spaghetti straps and those heels. Beaming, I headed for you, forgetting the items in my trunk. We kissed immediately... Mmmm, so delicious, so missed. Moving into the living room, we sit on the couch. Our lips move together once again and again and again with occasional flicks of our tongues - God, how those occasional sparks drive me wild. It's not long before our hands are roaming each others bodies. You undo my shorts and begin to suck me. Ohhh, so good... When you stop, you climb on my lap, still fully dressed. I can resist no longer and pull the stretchy material of the dress down and under your unrestrained breasts and begin kissing and licking your perfect little nipples, first one, then the other, then both at the same time. I feel you shudder as our pelvises grind together and my tongue and mouth continue to explore your breasts.

We move upstairs... I follow you and play with your behind, you giggle and slap my hand away when it tickles your thigh. A little more kissing as we arrive in the bedroom, then our clothes seem to simply vanish. More kissing, exploring each other with our hands and lips. I move down your body, kissing your belly, your left hip, your left thigh, and back up the right side until I reach the true goal. Spreading your legs, I begin to lick and kiss you. I continue licking and nibbling until you're ready for more... you, once again, take me into your mouth. I play with your long hair and caress your back as you suck and lick, teasing me even harder. We shift positions so that I'm on top of you... you guide my shaft into you and we begin our slooow lovemaking. I love the little grins on your face as we move against each other, our lips caressing each others lips. I suckle you as we continue, bringing your nipples back to attention. I kiss your neck and cheeks, then your lips again and again. Once spent we cuddle... I hold you from behind, inhaling the scent from your hair, kissing your neck and ear, caressing you... until we start again. We have all night and spend it in each others arms.

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6/13/2005 9:00 pm

Glad you enjoyed it

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