I thinked I fucked up  

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3/28/2005 4:09 pm

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I thinked I fucked up

Well, I'm not sure what I did, but I get the definite feeling that my lady friend has decided not to keep me on her list of playmates. Not sure if I contacted her too much after the session, if something I said in those exchanges caused her to rethink the situation, or if I'm imagining things, but the response to my suggestion that we get together on April 12 was met with a pretty terse "Out of town, sorry" so I don't feel the odds are real good for me.

It could have been the blog.... what was I thinking posting it in the open? I moved it private pretty quickly once I realized that I was talking more than I should in public - even if there's no way anyone could ever tie the two of us together here. We're not in even each other's networks. I'll continue talking about her in generic terms, just in case I ever decide to rerelease this into the wild.

I did discover that she has 2 IDs here - should've guessed that XXXXX22 was likely to have an XXXXX2 counterpart. Not sure what she's got going there - one separated, one married - but I'm guessing the first to find those who won't play with a married woman.

Never should have gotten myself in this deep. Don't understand how I could be so infatuated after one 2 hour session, but she managed it. Things must be worse emotionally on my end than I admit?

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