Campaign manager needed!  

mi_mwpm 51M
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5/24/2005 4:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Campaign manager needed!

In order to engineer my way into elected office, I'm going to need someone to head my campaign. Must be willing to work looong hours, very closely together. Heavy presence of Estrogen is required as Testosterone laden folks tend to cause irritation (and they don't look near so good to boot).

Interested applicants apply within for your up close and personal interview.

Vote early, vote often, vote me!

mi_mwpm, your next Blogtown engineer.

mi_mwpm 51M

5/24/2005 5:00 am

Campaign Manager Job description:
1 - Post my campaign messages throughout Blogtown
2 - Smear my opponent - material to smear him with is left to your discretion
3 - Collect rewards when I'm elected

keithcancook 60M
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5/24/2005 12:38 pm

Yes mi, I have noticed how your testosterone friends have fared lately.

mi_mwpm 51M

5/24/2005 2:32 pm

Sorry Keith. What can I say? I'm here for the ladies.

Barbiebunny69 43F

5/24/2005 3:43 pm

ooh pro 4 the ladies..i like that in a canadate!!

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