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4/7/2005 9:45 pm

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Blog restart...

OK, still trying to get the hang of this. Some of my last posts might have gotten a little too introspective for public consumption. I might resurrect them at some point. Might have to edit them a bit beforehand though, we'll see.

Gotta figure out how to approach the ladies on the site. Most of my emails get no response, but I'm not sure if that just because standard members don't get many chances to reply or if they simply aren't interested because of the (non-nude) photo or if my message was too lame or if there are just so damn many guys here that the average looking man just doesn't have a chance unless he's hung like a horse.

I try to be polite, but I wonder if I'm too tame for the married ladies I'm approaching. I've always been one of the "nice guys" who watch the A-holes get all the pussy because they can smooth talk better than I can. Probably the extra poundage I'm carrying around (but trying to lose - 10 pounds so far) doesn't help either....

So, what say you ladies? Should I get explicit in my emails and tell the woman what I'd love to do with her or should I stay in the tame mode that pretty much says... liked what I saw/read, here's a copy of my profile and a photo, hope to hear from you? (There's usually a bit more specific to her profile, but you get the picture.)

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