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Ever wonder why you aren't getting laid on your dates? Is your penis so under worked that it has a sad face on it? Does your penis tell you to either get laid or to get it some Prozac because it can't handle the depression? Is this your average date???

You go and pick up some flowers for your date. You get the cheapest almost dead flowers the shop has. You use a old beer bottle as a vase because you want to save a little money. Then you drop by her house wearing your brand new spiffy clothes that you got from the thrift store. It didn't matter that the pants had a big stain on them and that the shirt looked like something from a bad 80's movie.

None of that mattered at all. What did matter was that you got both the shirt and the pants for less than five dollars. You go inside and try your magic. She wants to do something.

You suggest that she go into the kitchen and make both of you some dinner. That wasn't what she had in mind, but you thought you would save a few bucks by eating at home. She convinces you to go out for something to eat. She wants something nice, but you convince her that Taco Bell has great food. Why pay all that extra money for a tip and a table cloth? You get the same quality of food, or so you try to tell her.

You go order your meal and you try to convince her that she should get ice water instead of getting soda. You tell her that soda is full of junk calories and sugar. Okay, maybe this is a bit extreme. I'm sure if you aren't getting laid that you can identify with some of these things. At least your penis can. As you can see in the example above, the guy is trying at all costs to not spend money. He would go to the park and eat leaves before he dusted off his wallet to spend a few bucks to get something good.

Women are like playing the stock market. If you don't invest, you don't get anything in return. If you don't spend a few bucks, you won't get anything back. So either get used to not getting laid, or break out that cold hard cash! I'm not suggesting that you spend your whole pay check on your date. That would be foolish. All you are going to get by doing that is gold diggers. But you do need to spend a little cash to get a little action.

I know that in these though times that a budget is something that is needed. Money is hard to come by and you don't want to waste it. There are a few ways that you can save money and get that action that you want.

Cook your own food and go on a picnic. This is a great way to save a few bucks. Women love picnics. Buy yourself a cooler so you have something to keep the food cold in. They will last for years and they don't cost that much. Fried chicken is a great thing for a picnic. If you aren't much of a cook, you can pick up a few pieces at your local fast food joint. Make sure though that not all of the food is fast food. Make a few items. If you can follow directions, you can make some decent things.

Also try to make finger foods. Make small sandwiches that you can feed each other. Women love this. If you do it right it can be a big turn on for them.

Ask her if she would like to go out dutch. Only try this on a woman who you have been dating for awhile. Going dutch means, that each of you pay 50% of the bill. All you can eat joints. Some of these places have good food. Usually for around five to ten dollars you can fill your gut as much as you like. Often times they have a variety of food. My local all you can eat joint has steak. My plate is loaded with steak every trip I make.

Drive ins can be a great way to save money. It is all about the atmosphere. Usually they have good cheap food and they have a theme. This will get old after awhile, so don't do this often. Chinese food is usually cheap. I don't think there is a person out there that can't find something they like at a Chinese restaurant. Usually the food is tasty and they have a ton of stuff to choose from. Take your food and go to the beach or some place that has a beautiful view.

Also if you can, plant a flower garden each year. This can save you a lot of money. Even if it is just one rose bush, one rose bush will yield several roses. Women love it when you pop out a long stem rose for no reason. It will cost you pennies to do so.

As you can see, you don't need to spend a ton of money on a date. Though, you do need to spend money. A woman will notice when you don't spend money and your penis will too. Cause you wont be getting any.

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