If I were my wife/husband  

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11/28/2005 7:12 pm

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If I were my wife/husband

"True Love" relationships are amazing things, and quite possibly, the most elusive states-of-being attainable. Just think about it. People throw the word LOVE around every day, never completely having experienced this most rare of emotions, and diluting the essence of its deepest sense. It is confused with sexual desire, crushes, obsessions, and even simple caring. But how can you know, honestly and fully, if what you are experiencing is the real deal?

Firstly, have you ever asked yourself if you liked your partner? This may come as some surprise, but many people will say that they are in love, but admit that they don't really like the person they say they are in love with. This is a rather dangerous mixture, and can lead to dependent stagnation.

Secondly, why not try this simple relationship question, paraphrased from Psychotherapist, Dr. Nathaniel Branden:

"If I were a woman/man, would I want to be the kind of woman/man my partner is?"

If you can both say yes to this simple question, you are well on your way to the most fulfilling love relationship a couple can enjoy. If one or both of you say no, you can either try to become the best you each can be, or perhaps you are fooling yourselves.

Only you can decide, but never forget that the choices you make reflect that which you are, so be the best possible person to yourself, and you can reach true hieghts in true love relationships.


CuriousFunMN 49M/47F

12/11/2005 8:11 am

Extremely well put. We feel fortunate to have found each other... we are not only deeply in love...but we like each other... we like hanging out, we like talking, we like fucking, we like sharing and we like what each of us brings to the relationship. We are very different in many ways and that's part of why we like each other so much... we are constantly learning from each other and it never gets 'boring'. And by 'it' we mean life in general... not just sex. Sex is incredibly important to us - but it is a part of the big package of life. As we continue on this site, chatting with and meeting others - couples, men, women... we want to find others who we are attracted to AND that we like...we want to find others who can be a part of the 'big package' of adventure... friends with that 'special secret'.

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